Guess Who Claims Harry Styles Prefers a Life Of Hardship To One Direction?

It seems that the rumor mill surrounding Harry Styles is back in full swing. Of course One Direction star Harry is no stranger to the gossip columns. It was reported in The Inquisitr yesterday how some outlets are claiming that Styles is asking women to sign a confidentiality agreement before they can go on a date with the 22-year-old singer. Of course most of Harry's fans simply shrug off bizarre claims of this nature. Styles has after all been sexualized by the media since he was just 16-years-old. It seems that some writers are more concerned with Harry's sex-life than with his music.

Of course there is nothing new in the way Styles is portrayed, the claim that "sex sells" is as true now as it was in Fleet Street's heyday. Harry's fans have come to expect this kind of reporting, and doubtless Styles too realizes that any rumor about him will be all over the gossip columns.

What is much more damaging is the insidious way that some columnists report on Styles. For many of Harry's fans, Sun columnist Dan Wootton has become One Direction's tormentor-in-chief. Back at the end of October, Wootton wrote a now notorious column in which he claimed that Harry and Louis Tomlinson despised each other. He claimed that infighting, jealousy, and drug use were behind One Direction's decision to go on hiatus. Most of the blame was laid at Tomlinson's feet, but Styles came in for his fair share of criticism.

That column seemed to herald a period in which Tomlinson was painted as Public Enemy No 1. January saw a change in tack. When Harry announced that he had ditched One Direction's management team and signed with Jeff Azoff, he became the focus of skewed reporting. The Sun painted Harry as disloyal to the team that had made him a star. Since that time, just about any story concerning Styles contains some sort of underhanded dig at Harry.

Today the Sun's Dan Wootton reports on Harry's upcoming movie role in Dunkirk. It is claimed that Harry and the rest of the movie crew will spend a few days living on an old Navy ship anchored on the south coast of England. Harry will be expected to live in tough conditions with no running water, electricity, or internet connection for a few days. Styles and the whole team will also live off ration packs in an attempt to get them into the mindset of World War II soldiers. A source claims that Harry is looking forward to the challenge.
"Harry is used to living the life of luxury so this will be a very interesting experience. He knows this boot camp at sea is a big part of the job and is keen to get stuck in.

"But this will be tough and producers are trying to make life on board as realistic as possible."

It might be argued that most writers would be content to leave their story on Styles right there, but Mr. Wootton never passes up an opportunity to take a shot at Styles, presumably to drive a wedge between Harry and his bandmates. On this occasion, it is claimed that Harry would prefer the tough conditions to spending time with the rest of One Direction
"Food will be sparse as they will live off rations, plus there is no mobile phone signal or wifi. But that will still be more appealing to Harry than being in the company of bandmates Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan."
Wootton even takes a shot at Harry in his final line when he suggests that, after a few days onboard, Harry's hair will be "so dirty he will have to cut it off."
The Mirror takes a much more balanced line on Styles' first movie role, saying that Harry has gone straight in at the top and has an opportunity to land himself massive roles in future if he can make a success of this.

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