One Direction’s Harry Styles Accused Of Making Girls Sign A Dating Contract?

Harry Styles is perhaps one of the best known faces on the planet. The One Direction singer is a frequent fixture in the gossip columns. If Harry hugs model Cindy Crawford at a Malibu dinner party you can be sure that someone like the Daily Mail will be telling you about it the next day. It is probably only the fact that Cindy was with her husband, Rande Gerber, at the time that has saved us from a slew of “Harry Styles is dating Cindy Crawford” stories. Of course it must be said that not all media outlets are accurate in their reporting on Styles life.

Just last week, the ever-reliable Sun lifted the lid on Harry’s love life when they broke the story that Styles had been dating air hostess Megan Smith. Styles met Smith when she worked as air crew aboard the private jets used to ferry One Direction around on their last world tour. If the Sun is to be believed, then Harry was cheating on Megan with Kendall Jenner, who he cheated on with Pandora Lennard. If all of these stories about Styles are true, then he must need a team of personal assistants just to manage his diary.

The Daily Star picks up on Harry’s supposed romance with Smith. They claim that Harry is so upset that Smith did a “kiss-and-tell” story with the Sun that he now insists that any prospective dates sign a confidentiality agreement. It seems Harry is so upset that it has left him wondering whether he will ever have a “normal relationship” or even “find love.”

“Harry tried to patch things up with Megan and stay friends with her after his holiday with Kendall but Megan was too hurt and didn’t take his calls. Megan is hoping for a modelling career and acting so she is thrilled with all the attention but Harry is disgusted.

“Harry feels like he can’t date a normal girl without the information getting out or someone using him to get something – right now he just wants to be alone.

“Harry feels like before he goes on a date he needs lawyers present to make them sign a confidentiality agreement.”

It’s doubtless that Styles’ fans would wonder why Harry would consider going to such lengths as to ask a girl to sign a confidentiality agreement before they go for a milkshake. On the other hand, some Styles fans might recall that it was reported in Inquisitr just a couple of weeks back that the Daily Star was forced to write a public apology to Harry over an article that suggested that he stank of body odor.

The paper was also forced to apologize to Harry on at least two previous occasions. Last year they ran a story containing fake naked pictures of Harry and claimed that he had posted explicit pictures of himself online. The publication also claimed that Harry was joining the cast of Scream Queens.

Interestingly, it would seem that Styles is not the only one who might be insisting that any prospective dates sign a confidentiality agreement. According to Celebuzz, Scott Disick is doing the exact same thing. Apparently, a source has revealed that Disick is now making it mandatory that any woman who would like to spend time with him sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure they won’t spill the beans to tabloids. It seems Disick even confiscates their cell-phones.

A cynic might wonder why two men who have been linked with the Kardashian family are feeling it necessary to ask women to sign confidentiality agreements? One could be tempted to wonder as to the veracity of the “sources” of these stories about Harry Styles.

One Direction fans are sick of seeing Styles linked with every woman who can walk. They are sick of seeing Harry objectified and painted as a serial womanizer. Fans feel there is far too much negative attention on Styles and his bandmates, especially given that One Direction are currently on hiatus.

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