'General Hospital' Cast News: James Nigbor's Replacement Revealed, Who Will Play Jake Spencer Now?

There is a new face taking over a familiar role soon on General Hospital. Jason and Elizabeth's son Jake was brought back from the dead last year, and young actor James Nigbor had reprised the role he had played when the character first hit Port Charles several years ago. However, news recently emerged detailing that Nigbor was out and now there are some details available regarding the actor taking over the gig.

James Nigbor's last appearance as Jake aired on February 29, and the character has been off the canvas ever since. As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, the news of this casting change came via James' mom, as she shared the news on Twitter in a post that has since been deleted. It sounded as if the family was a bit surprised to learn of the shift and many General Hospital fans figured that the show would take this opportunity to age the character.

Interestingly, however, that is not the route that General Hospital took. According to Soap Opera Digest, actor Hudson West will be taking over the role of Jake Spencer, the son of Elizabeth Webber and Jason Morgan. West clearly is right around the same age as Nigbor, or even a bit younger, many speculate, so aging the character was not the driver behind making the cast change. Hudson is slated to first appear as Jake on Monday, April 25.

West has a few other television gigs under his belt in addition to this new General Hospital role, notes his IMDb page. Some may recognize him from several episodes of American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson where he has played Marcia Clark's son, Travis. Hudson had a role in the Kevin James movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, and he has also appeared on both Modern Family and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.

What does the show have in store for Jake in the coming months? General Hospital fans feel fairly confident that there are still big secrets yet to emerge regarding the years that Jake spent hidden away with Helena. The Cassadine matriarch left a perplexing clue for Elizabeth in her will that clearly referenced Jake and secrets that have yet to emerge. While Elizabeth hasn't dug too deeply into this mystery yet, it surely will become a prominent storyline soon.

There had been buzz for a while that actress Rebecca Herbst might be leaving the role of Elizabeth, a departure that surely would have shaken up General Hospital significantly. Luckily Herbst and the show were able to work out a deal, and the actress will be sticking around. However, because contract negotiations came down to the wire, there will be a bit less of Elizabeth on-screen for a period of time as the writers had been told to stop writing for the character until a deal was reached.

Once Herbst is back in full and West begins the role, many would expect to see some substantial scenes involving Elizabeth and Jake related to the mysteries Helena left behind. General Hospital fans are definitely buzzing about this recast, especially about the fact that the character's age has not been shifted upwards. Many viewers were pretty rough on Nigbor during his return in the role, so it will be interesting to see how well West is received.

Where do you think things should head with the character of Jake Spencer now that he will be back in the mix of things again? Stay tuned for General Hospital spoilers related to Jake, Elizabeth, and the rest of the Port Charles crew as Hudson West's first air date draws near.

[Image via James Nigbor's Twitter]