Dalmatian Dog Adopts Spotted Lamb Named ‘Dotty’

Barossa Valley, Australia – A Dalmatian dog couple adopted a spotted sheep desperately in need of a family on a farm in South Australia. The adorable video of the Dalmatian dogs with the orphaned spotted lamb has gone viral on YouTube thanks to animal lovers who simply cannot get enough of the display of love between the animal species.

The unusual looking lamb closely resembles the Dalmatians which have claimed her as their own. According to the Barossa Valley farm owner, the female Dalmatian was coming into heat and fortunately for the tiny sheep, the dog’s maternal instincts kicked in.

A spotted lamb is an unusual variation in the sheep species and ironically just happened to be born on a Dalmatian breeders farm. “Dotty” as the spotted little lamb is called, does not seem to mind having dogs as her adopted parents the least little bit, according to farm owner Julie Barton’s statements to ABC News. The spotted lamb video shows the Dalmatian dogs engaging in typical animal parent-offspring behavior with the young sheep, grooming and attentively following the tiny creature around the Australian farm throughout the day.

“It is truly spotted. Black spots on a white-based coat which is the same as a Dalmatian. Now the mother who doesn’t have puppies at the moment is actually cleaning it and licking it and mothering it and it tries to mother up to her udder. The lamb follows the dog but it gets milk from me from the bottle,” Bolton noted during the interview.

Dotty the orphan spotted lamb may forever be known as a genuine sheep dog by the millions of viewers who watched the Dalmatian dog adopts a spotted lamb video, cherishing the gentler side of nature.