The art of being green and recyclable

Everyone is all hot to trot these days about repurposing, recycling, re-using just about anything that won’t biodegrade in your hands while you look at it. While a lot of the stuff we see is more arts and crafty style there are those rare times when something really cool comes along the way.

Such is the case with the work by Joel Hester through his Huston based company Weld House. Take the hood of the car in the picture above. One would figure that once a car reaches this point there’s not much left to do with it. Well, it’s a good thing that Joel doesn’t feel that way or we wouldn’t have the please of having a really cool set of side tables like these ones


Through Weld House, Joel has taken the idea of repurposing the broken down and decaying vehicles at a junk yard and giving them a new life as usable objects. Much like taking the hood of this clunker of a pickup and making a coffee table anyone would be willing to brag about.


Some might consider a starting price of around the $700 mark to be a little high but for that you are helping the environment and getting some cool bragging rights at the same time. You can see the full range of his work through his Flickr stream or drop by the Weld House site to see about getting something of your own.

hat tip to Treehugger