‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Spoilers Season 2 Episode 2: We All Fall Down [Video]

Fear The Walking Dead has proven to be a family affair in Season 2. Now that fans have seen what can happen in the water, it is time for the show to start assessing the human threat that is now emerging from the ensuing chaos. Fans should remember, the world has not completely gone away just yet.

So, in Episode 2 of Fear The Walking Dead, titled “We All Fall Down,” there is much to be learned about just how much the characters can trust people in this new world. Just like with Rick Grimes and the Core in The Walking Dead, it takes time before they can realize that survival does not just mean putting bullets in the heads of Walkers, it also means taking out some of the living, as well.

There is a new introduction, a family, that will be made in the next episode of Fear The Walking Dead, and at first glance, they seem to be just another family trying to survive. This is the part where you have to ask yourself, “WWRD,” or “What Would Rick Do?”

Before we get too deep into what is going to happen in Episode 2 of Fear The Walking Dead, let’s just take a look at where the Season 2 premiere has left us at this point, according to Entertainment Weekly.

It actually starts off with no real time jump from the Season 1 finale. They make their way to the boat and get to see the world they left behind is burning, with The Walking Dead left over as the new government. The continental American states are slowly descending into chaos, murder, and disrepair.

On the boat, Alicia makes contact with another person on the radio. That person, who calls himself Jack, quickly works his way into Alicia’s naïve young mind and makes her trust him. He tells her a bit about himself and she seems to strike up a bond with him. He also tells her they need help, because their boat is taking on water.

Meanwhile, the rest of the family on Fear The Walking Dead, have taken to giving Liza a wake. Chris is not taking it so well and after Travis delivers a eulogy for his ex-wife, Chris approaches her, gives his last good bye, and then shoves her into the water. The trouble between Chris and Travis is just beginning as he goes after him and Chris delivers a punch to his father.

To make matters worse, Alicia attempts to rally the families and Strand to make a rescue attempt on her new radio friend, Jack. But Strand loses his mind when he finds out she has been talking to someone on the radio and possibly giving them their location. In the end, they are not going to make the rescue attempt, and Jack turns a little evil with his response when Alicia tells him over the radio.

Next thing you know, Chris comes out from his hiding and jumps in the ocean. It turns out that he just wants a swim. Nick joins him, but they soon discover there is a Walker in the water and he is chasing them. Nick heads the other way and comes upon burning wreckage with another Walker in it.

The Fear The Walking Dead crew saves him from a side boat, and there is another boat heading their way, quickly. It appears that Fear The Walking Dead is about to meet their first Negan-like character.

So, in Episode 2 of Fear The Walking Dead, according to TV Guide, the crew will encounter another survivalist family, and it is unclear at this time whether or not Jack is a part of them or not. For all they know, this new family could be the ones that laid waste to the other boat.

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