One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Proves Again That The Small Stuff Matters

It seems that just about every day brings a new controversy for Louis Tomlinson. One Direction star Tomlinson is used to being the subject of tabloid rumors and gossip, and at times, it seems like the media wants to talk about everything except Louis' music. Ever since the Sun revealed that Louis was to become a father, One Direction fans have felt that Tomlinson has been subjected to a torrent of unfair and often untrue reporting by the media.

Some weeks ago, it was reported by the Inquisitr that sections of the media, especially British tabloids, seemed set on ruining Tomlinson's reputation. For months now, Louis has been the subject of stories that have branded him a "deadbeat dad," a "womanizer," and a habitual drunk. One tabloid even suggested that Louis was neglecting his son, because he had been spotted partying in an L.A. nightclub on a number of occasions.

Sadly, it seems that some sections of the media are quick to pounce on any scrap of gossip about 24-year-old Tomlinson while studiously ignoring the massive amount of good work that Louis does for charities. Tomlinson and his mother, Johannah Deakin, are patrons and massive supporters of a number of charities, particularly ones that support sick children.

You may recall that back in January, Sarah Hext spoke exclusively to the Inquisitr about the difference Louis and Johannah had made to her families lives. Sarah is the mother of Harvey Hext, a little boy who was taken as a result of childhood cancer neuroblastoma. Sarah told us how Louis and Johannah had given them memories of Harvey that money just could not buy.

"Louis and Jay have given us precious memories with Harvey and all of our children and that is priceless, we have so many beautiful photos of Harvey to look back on in some amazing places!

"People don't know the real Louis, Jay has told me that when Louis suffers a bad press day he says to her 'come on mum, let's make someone happy today.' That's the kind of man Louis is. Louis Tomlinson is very grounded, he is family orientated and both Louis and Jay hold a very special place in my family's hearts."

What came over in the interview with Sarah was the lengths that Tomlinson goes to when he reaches out to support those dealing with difficult times. Both Louis and his mother do so without fanfare, without seeking publicity, and out of a genuine desire to help people. Of course, Tomlinson is a very wealthy young man and is very generous in financial terms, but it is the small things he does that really make a difference.

In a fashion that is so typical of an amazing woman, Sarah Hext has started a charity in little Harvey's memory. After the loss of her own child, Sarah has turned her energies to helping families who face the same challenge that her family has had to deal with. In a typically unheralded way, Tomlinson and Deakin have stepped in once again to support Sarah's efforts. Louis and Johannah have stepped in to buy the fledgling charity an Apple computer.
Sarah's charity, A Sibling's Wish, is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to get the charity established and to raise funds to support children who lose a sibling. The idea is to provide children with a unique, individualized, and personalized memory box to help preserve memories of a lost sibling. When you lose a child, there is very little support for the bereaved sibling. The boxes are a very simple but effective way of helping a sibling remember their brother or sister and preserve their memory.

By providing computer equipment Louis has enabled the project to move forward and once again have earned gratitude from the Hext family.

"A Sibling's Wish received a very special gift, an Apple Mac. Thank you so much to our lovely friend Louis Tomlinson and his beautiful mother Johanna for this vital tool, it will certainly help our charity move forwards. I know they don't do this for the recognition but they are incredibly generous people who support so many in their time of need I think a great big THANK YOU from us is needed."

It hardly seems fair that Tomlinson is subjected to so much negativity when he clearly has a caring nature and a huge heart. Tomlinson's support for A Sibling's Wish may not put a dent in his bank balance, but Louis' thoughtfulness clearly means a huge amount to the charity.

[Image via Sarah Hext]