Mom-To-Be Forced To Sit In Hospital Waiting Room As Adult Movie Is Screened

A mom-to-be who was rushed to hospital with stomach pains was forced to endure sitting uncomfortably in a waiting room as a porn movie was screened on the television.

Picture the ungodly scene, if you will. A deeply anxious and heavily-pregnant mom-to-be is sat in the sterile and unpleasant environment of a hospital waiting room in the early hours of a windswept, predictably gloomy and dismal British day.

She is fretful and fearful for the new life growing inside her, as she sits in the waiting room of Northwick Park Hospital in North London.

Luckily for the mom-to-be, she was put into the waiting room of the maternity ward, and not in the hospital’s accident and emergency waiting area, which like most hospitals in the U.K, through the twilight hours between midnight and dawn, would have been plagued and terrorized by the usual motley crew of drunks, drug addicts, the delirious, the deranged, and good old-fashioned psychopaths.

Next to the reassuring presence of her husband, the mom-to-be, sits expectantly in a slightly nervous and agitated state, as she waits patiently to see a medical professional who will diligently examine the cause of her stomach pains and put her mind at ease.

Waiting Room Drama
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In such an emotional condition, with the hormones raging and the mind fragile with worry, the slightest comment or negative thought could cause the mind to recklessly abandon its senses and send the most stoic of souls into a screeching flight of hysteria.

Yet, instead of a reassuring word, a comforting pat on the hand, or the considered and measured tones of a professional opinion to ease her troubled mind, what this poor unsuspecting lady got was the brazenly graphic cut and thrust, and offensively gratuitous grunt and groan, of an adult film.

An adult film in a hospital! Surely such a flagrant disregard for the Hippocratic Oath and horrific abandonment of the welfare of the patient beggars belief and surely signifies a new low in medical care.

How could such a thing happen? One wonders.

No stranger to delving deep into the sewers of depravity and crawling the gutters of human nature for a story, the Daily Mail reports that as the bemused mom was exposed to the x-rated horror on the screen in the hospital waiting room, she could not find any staff to complain to about the sordid situation.

Where were they all? One wonders.

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Bosses at the north London hospital have since confessed to their blunder, but the mom-to-be remains sickened by the incident.

“We went into the hospital at about 2am because I was in some pain. We were put in a waiting area of the maternity ward for about 20 minutes where there was porn on the TV.

“They should be showing videos on how to breastfeed or something, not this.”

Despite having her stomach turned and her sensibilities shattered in the waiting room, the mom-to-be insists she received the treatment she needed and was more than happy with the way the staff conducted themselves.

“We got the treatment and everything was fine, we have nothing bad to say about the staff.”

A spokesperson for the hospital confessed there had been a blunder and apologized profusely.

“We would like to apologize to the couple concerned for the upset caused.

“This was a genuine error with a digital TV channel having been on which, between 2am and 3am, broadcasts material of an adult nature.

“If our staff had been made aware, then they would have changed the channel immediately.”

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