James Holmes’ Lawyers Admit Client Is Crazy, Likely To Pursue Insanity Plea

Centennial, CO – The defense lawyers for Aurora shooter James Holmes aren’t pulling any punches. They admitted in open court that they believe their client to be insane, and asked for more time to figure out his mental condition before entering a plea.

Holmes’ attorneys made their announcement Thursday at a hearing of assembled media outlets demanding that the judge unseal court documents that may contain important details about July’s “Dark Knight Massacre” in Aurora, Colorado. The prosecution and defense both are trying to keep such documents sealed so long as the case is pending, reports TMZ.

The defense also made a curious request related to Holmes’ alleged insanity. They asked the judge to push prosecutors and investigators to turn over all documents related to the defendant and his case, so that they could build a full understanding as to just how far off the reservation Holmes really is. “We cannot begin to assess the nature and the depth of Mr. Holmes’ mental illness until we receive full disclosure of all the documents,” his lawyer said.

According to KIMT-TV, Holmes appeared in court with the same “dazed demeanor” that he has become known for. Of course, his behavior during his court appearances paints a somewhat different picture from reports of his conduct in prison. Many who have daily access to him not involved in his case believe that he’s merely “faking” his insanity, and that it won’t hold up in court.

It seems apparent that the so-called “insanity plea” is really going to be Holmes’ only chance in his trial.

Scott Robinson, a Denver defense attorney and legal consultant to NBC News not connected to the case concurs with this assessment. “By alluding to Holmes’ mental problems, it’s clear the defense is sowing the seeds for a defense of not guilty by reason of insanity,” said Robinson.

Now we pass the ball to you. Do you think that Holmes could get off under an insanity plea?

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