Ann Curry Has Tense Reunion With Matt Lauer In London

When Ann Curry made her first appearance on Today since she was fired, she was in no mood to exchange pleasantries with her former co-host Matt Lauer.

The 55-year-old Curry and 54-year-old Lauer sat next to each other at the show’s temporary location in London for the Olympic Games, but there might as well have been an entire ocean between them. Curry was on the show to introduce a segment about Olympics still photographer Adam Pretty but made little attempt to converse with Lauer.

Laur greeted Curry with, “Ann, nice to see you,” but Curry simply nodded and remained quiet. She had the same terse reaction at the end of her segment when Lauer said, “Good to see you.”

Curry was fired from her job as co-host in June, although the reason for her ouster was never really released. Curry, apparently, believed that NBC fired her because they didn’t like the way she dressed. However, NBC News president Steve Capus tells a different story. He told the Hollywood Reporter,

“I think [TODAY] was not where her real passion was, … In her heart of hearts, I think she would admit that. I think her real passion is built around reporting on international stories … I think we’ve now come up with a role that will play to her strengths.”

Capus also said that Curry wears her emotions on her sleeve, but that the camera would pick it up if she wasn’t into a subject.

Capus also told THR that Curry’s replacement, Savannah Guthrie, distinguished herself as a White House correspondent and that the network has “thrown [its] weight behind someone who is a serious journalist.” He said everyone at the network compares her to Mary Tyler Moore and that Guthrie is “completely endearing.”

Ann Curry accepted a multi-year deal as an international correspondent for NBC News broadcasts and will appear on Today as an anchor-at-large.

What do you think of Ann Curry’s reaction to Matt Lauer?

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