UFO Hunters Spot ‘Alien Flying Saucer’ Streaking Past Popocatepetl In Mexico Days After Volcano Erupted [Video]

UFO hunters claim that new footage captured over Popocatepetl in the state of Puebla and Morelos in Mexico by cameras filming the active volcano 24 hours a day shows a mysterious bright light UFO, allegedly an alien flying saucer, streaking through skies close to the volcano.

The footage was captured by a 24-hour webcam installed and connected to the Web Cams De Mexico website after the 17,800 feet active volcano erupted last week, sending a column of ash and smoke 6,500 feet into the air.

The footage shows the bright UFO whizzing past the volcano trailed by smoke. It passes behind the mountain and emerges on the other side seconds later.

Some UFO researchers claimed that the long and thin streak-of-light appearance of the UFO in the footage was due to the fact that it was moving at tremendous speed when it zipped past the volcano. UFO researchers argued that the shape of the streak of light suggests the UFO was a flying saucer.

According to UFO hunters, the latest footage from Popocatepetl, a notorious UFO hotspot, is evidence of extraterrestrial activity in and around the volcano. But skeptics have dismissed the suggestion, saying that the object could have been an airplane or material ejected by the volcano.

The website Web Cams De Mexico claimed that the object was not a UFO but a man-made airplane. According to the website, which first uploaded the clip online, the footage shows “…what could be seen at Popocatepetl.”

“This is what could be seen at Popocatepetl. We believe it was a plane.”

However, the website did not offer an explanation as to why a plane would fly so close to an active volcano that was spewing lava and ash. But UFO enthusiasts were quick to raise the point that it was very unusual for a pilot to fly so close to a volcano that erupted very recently and could erupt once again at any moment. UFO enthusiasts concluded that such consideration was proof the UFO was an alien craft.

Other UFO hunters argued that the glimpse of the flying object offered in the footage shows that the object was unlike any known man-made aircraft. They argued that the UFO was most likely an alien flying saucer that appeared as a thin streak of light because it whizzed past the volcano at tremendous speed.

Several UFO enthusiasts suggested it was monitoring the volcano and collecting data to predict future activity.

Refuting the argument that it was a man-made airplane, a UFO enthusiast wrote, “I don’t think it’s a plane because the airport is 30 km (19 miles) from the volcano of Popocatepetl towards the northeast and when a commercial plane flies around volcanoes, they set a 7 or 8,000-meter altitude.”

[Note: YouTube below shows Popocatepetl erupting on April 3]

UFO hunters argued that those who deny the possibility that the UFO was an extraterrestrial craft have effectively denied the possibility of extraterrestrial life despite the consensus among top scientists that it exists.

“I do think there is life on other planets. We’d be very selfish to think we are the only ones in the immensity of the universe.”

This is not the first time that UFO hunters have reported spotting UFO activity around Popocatepetl. The volcano is recognized widely as a UFO hotspot with a long history of sightings claims. Several sightings have been reported since 2012 (see YouTube below for a review of sightings over Popocatepetl since 2012).


Colima volcano in western Mexico is also considered a UFO hotspot. Earlier in January, UFO hunters claimed to have spotted a mysterious UFO over the Colima volcano in western Mexico at the moment the erupting volcano spewed ash and gas into the air.


The latest report comes after the YouTube UFO hunters Tercermilenio.tv reported capturing images of strange UFOs flying near or above the volcano Popocatepetl. The series of images (see video below) shows multicolored UFOs hovering and flying over the famous volcano. The stills were captured from March 24 through March 26.


Some UFO hunters claimed that one of the colorful UFOs captured near Popocatepetl by Tercermilenio cameras closely resembles a UFO spotted in NASA’s live ISS feed last month.

“It is suspected since years ago that the Popo is an alien base.”

UFO hunters believe that extraterrestrial visitors take a special interest in Earth’s volcanoes for several reasons. Some claim that alien scientists study Earth volcanoes to understand Earth’s geology. Others claim that alien engineers have built underground alien bases beneath volcanoes because the inaccessibility of the interior of volcanoes makes them ideal places to hide UFOs.

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