NASA Can't Deny This Huge 'Alien UFO Spacecraft' On ISS Live Feed -- Evidence Of On-going Top-Secret Talks With Extraterrestrial Races: UFO Hunters [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus

UFO hunters monitoring NASA's ISS live stream channel have reported spotting a giant "alien UFO spacecraft" approaching the International Space Station (ISS) in low Earth orbit. The latest discovery has set the online UFO community abuzz, with many UFO researchers challenging NASA to explain away the latest glaring evidence of alien UFO traffic around the ISS.

UFO conspiracy theorists claim that the latest sighting is yet another example of ongoing top-secret "exopolitical" activity in space involving Earth governments and extraterrestrial races that has implications to Earth's security.

The "alien UFO spacecraft" was spotted flying close to the ISS on the live ISS stream on April 5, 2016, by several eagle-eyed UFO hunters, including UFOvni2012.

Other UFO researchers who also spotted the massive object hovering mysteriously in the background with a distinct blue-glow-infused metallic glint have described it as a "Millennium Falcon-type" UFO, a reference to a type of starship from the popular Star Wars series.

"It was a metallic object, it looks like a Millennium Falcon from Star Wars or something from Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

UFOvni2012 snapped four screenshots of the UFO before it disappeared from sight. The UFO hunter, however, expressed regret that the screenshots were not comparable in clarity and sharpness to the original high-resolution images from NASA's HD cameras. While two screenshots show the UFO, the sighting on NASA's original live feed gave a much more impressive view of the UFO, according to UFOvni2012.

"It was so unquestionably real and present," he said.

In the report filed in the MUFON database as Case 75648, the UFO hunter explained that he was unable to snap more than four screenshots because NASA cut the live feed after the fourth screenshot.

The live feed remained down for nearly an hour, the UFO hunter said. UFO hunters have often accused NASA of cutting the live ISS feed to hide UFO evidence in space.

The UFO researcher judged that the mysterious object was travelling in the same direction as the ISS in low Earth orbit. Because the UFO appeared to be keeping pace with the ISS travelling at a speed of tens of thousands of miles per hour around the Earth, he concluded it must have been traveling at the same speed as the space station.

Although skeptics have argued that the alleged UFO could have been the cigar-shaped Chinese Tiangong 1 space station or one of the thousands of orbiting debris, UFO hunters are hardly surprised at the latest sighting near the ISS.

According to exopolitics researchers, UFOs often seen lurking in space around the ISS belong to alien races, such as the Greys, who have allegedly signed treaties with Earth governments. Other UFOs could belong to other alien races also seeking to establish treaties with governments.

A former NASA employee and whistle-blower, Clark C. McClelland, alleged that he once stumbled upon a sighting he was not meant to see while working with NASA. While monitoring a top-secret Pentagon Space Shuttle mission at the Kennedy Space Center's Launch Control Center (LCC), he watched for a total of about minute and seven seconds as a nine-foot tall alien with humanoid form interacted with two tethered U.S. astronauts. He also saw an alien UFO in orbit near the Space Shuttle's main engine pods.

The Nazis would have achieved major breakthroughs and rapid advances in military and spacecraft propulsion systems technology had the allies not panicked at the news and pushed to end the war within months after the treaty was allegedly signed.

Members of the online UFO community claim that since the Second World War, various technologically advanced alien races have been jostling each other to conclude treaties with Earth governments, especially the U.S. government, which emerged the most powerful nation-state on Earth following the defeat of the Nazis.

Based on claims about exopolitical relations between Earth governments and major extraterrestrial races in the post-World War II era, it appears that some alien races had assumed the Nazis would emerge victorious in the global armed struggle of the 1940s and had thus rushed to conclude treaties with them that included advanced technology transfer agreements.

According to exopolitics researchers, alien races such as the Reptilians had concluded treaties with the Nazis before they realized the Nazis were losing the war.

A YouTube video that recently went viral in the conspiracy theory blogosphere claims the U.S. government was aware that the Nazi V-2 rocket project in the late stages of the war was being conducted with technical assistance from extraterrestrial Reptilians.

The Greys managed to outmaneuver the Nordics and reportedly concluded a treaty with the administration of President Dwight Eisenhower in 1954, according to exopolitics researchers.

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