First Look At ‘The Division’s’ Upcoming Incursion Mode, Ubisoft Shows Off The New Boss

After providing details on the first major DLC update for Tom Clancy’s: The Division earlier this week, which is scheduled to add the first Incursion map to the game, Ubisoft is now slowly giving players more information on the upcoming mode.

Launching across all platforms next Tuesday as part of The Division‘s 1.1 Title update, Incursions are intended to test users by providing some of the most difficult content found in the game to date. In order to help fans prepare for next week’s launch of this new cooperative mode, Ubisoft has now shown off a set of teaser images on their official blog that offer players their first glimpse of The Division‘s Falcon Lost Incursion.

The Division Incursion interior The Falcon Lost Incursion map [Image via The Division]As gamers can see from the first set of screenshots, the upcoming mode will place participants inside a large interior map. Along with the visual confirmation provided by the early images, Ubisoft has also revealed that The Division‘s first Incursion will throw users up against the well-trained soldiers of the title’s Last Man Battalion faction.

“The Division’s Incursions DLC arrives as part of a free update on April 12, opening up new endgame content that includes ability-granting gear sets, loot trading, daily challenges, and much more. The centerpiece of the expansion is The Division’s first incursion, Falcon Lost, which will test the limits of your squad’s toughness and coordination in a knock-down, drag-out battle with the Last Man Battalion.”

Ubisoft mentioned during their weekly state of the game stream for Tom Clancy’s: The Division, that one of the things that will make the Falcon Lost Incursion so difficult is that players will have to work together to take down an enemy Armored Personnel Carrier. Ahead of Update 1.1, Ubisoft has now unveiled an early look at the difficult APC boss. While it can be hard to spot, the tank-like vehicle can be seen in the background of one of the newly released images.

The Division APC Tank The APC Tank can be found in The Division’s first Incursion [Image via The Division]While fans can already push their skills to the limits by taking on one of the many Challenging Mode maps in Tom Clancy’s: The Division, Incursions are meant to offer a new kind of difficult end-game content. Pushing beyond what gamers already experience while playing Challenging matches, The Falcon Lost Incursion will feature new gameplay mechanics that should help separate the new mode from existing content.

Gamers can get some idea about how difficult The Division‘s Incursions will be after learning that several members of the development team have yet to successfully complete a single match of the new mode. VG/247 reports that even lead designer Matthias Karlson recently admitted that he hasn’t been able to beat the Falcon Lost Incursion.

Title Update 1.1 for Tom Clancy’s: The Division will introduce plenty of other content in addition to the release of the Falcon Lost Incursion Mode. When the new patch goes live following Tuesday’s weekly maintenance, fans will be able to enjoy plenty of new features such as trading and gear sets. New daily assignments will also be available to provide users with rewards for completing various objectives and the dangerous Dark Zone map will receive periodic supply drops full of highly sought after equipment.

“You’ll be able to get a much closer look at Falcon Lost on April 12, provided you and your squad are at level 30 and have beefy-enough gear to give you a shot at survival. And until then, the daily challenges and other tweaks, detailed here, will offer plenty more to do.”

As The Inquisitir reported last week, next week’s update will also finally offer a fix to a bug that caused certain players to be unable to load the game after crafting a high-end backpack blueprint. Not only will the patch prevent the issue from happening in the future, but those who have been locked out of the game should be able to jump back into The Division on Tuesday.

Do you plan on trying out The Division‘s upcoming Incursion Mode as soon as is comes out or will you try to get better gear in order to be more prepared for the challenge?

[Image via The Division]