‘The Division’ Backpack Bug Will Be Fixed In Two Weeks, Latest Update Removes Popular Exploit

Although April Fools’ Day is often a day filled with pranks, jokes, and other tomfoolery, players of The Division have a very real patch and other game-related news to dissect today. The Division updated with a small but important patch fixing the Hutch exploit as well as rectifying other issues in the game today, and developers announced a release date for the fix to the crafted backpack bug.

The Division players will notice that the elite enemies spawning with Hutch and named NPCs outside of a mission will no longer drop loot if killed repeatedly. The brief patch notes also explain that players should no longer be able to get into missions with more than four players thanks to the update. The three changes can be found in full on the official Ubisoft forums.

The Division
Squad play will be important in the Incursions [Image via Ubisoft]
Additionally, in an update to the official forum post regarding the backpack bug, a Ubisoft community manager noted that the team has found a way to fix the issue with a client patch. Unfortunately, though, the fix will not be available until April 12 when the game has its next major maintenance. This patch should, however, completely remove the infinite load players find themselves stuck in due to the backpack issue.

The crafted backpack bug first appeared shortly after the game launched in March. Players affected by the bug are unable to log in to the game due to the error, making it one of the more frustrating issues players face in The Division. As the Inquisitr reported, the backpack bug forces a character into an infinite load screen leaving the player without access to their character. Developers of the game first acknowledged the problem last week saying that they were aware of the issue and working to solve it.

The Division
The level 30 cap will remain with patch 1.1 [Image via Ubisoft]
Although a fix for the bug has been discovered, players will have to wait until April 12 for their characters to be playable again. That date is when the scheduled maintenance and 1.1 patch are expected to go live across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The free update will also include the first Incursion coming to The Division, a new endgame mode for coordinated teams of four. Patch 1.1 will also introduce item sets, gear score, Assignments, and more according to the Ubisoft Blog. The new gear sets will let players further specialize their agent in one of the game’s three primary attributes, Firearms, Stamina, or Electronics, while opening up access to special new talents.

Assignments will also be a part of the update giving players more to do during their time with The Division. These daily objectives task players with certain goals to earn extra Phoenix Credits, Division Tech, or other in-game items. For example, players might log in to see that they need to kill 10 Cleaners before the day is over to earn their reward.

Of course, the upcoming update will also alter the PvP landscape in addition to those new PvE features. Supply drops are coming to the Dark Zone, and the first player to open up the cache will receive non-contaminated items as their reward. Powerful NPC AI enemies will be guarding these regular drops, though. Patch 1.1 for The Division will also add loot trading, enemy drones, and death spectating, expected to launch on April 12.

The first two Incursion updates to The Division will release simultaneously across all three platforms while the game’s paid DLC will launch first on Xbox One. Three paid DLCs are announced right now tentatively scheduled to release in June, later this summer, and finally sometime this winter. According to the official website, Underground will release first, the Survival DLC will come next, and the season pass will conclude with the Last Stand expansion pack. The season pass is $40 for all three paid DLCs including a few extra bonuses leading up to their release dates. For instance, the season pass will automatically unlock a low level secondary sawed-off shotgun for new agents.

[Image via Ubisoft]