‘The Division’: Fix Found For Infinite Load Bug Surrounding Crafted Backpacks, Ubisoft To Release Patch Soon

While record-breaking numbers of players have tried out Tom Clancy’s: The Division, helping the online shooter become Ubisoft’s fastest selling title to date, a growing selection of users have encountered a bug that has prevented them from being able to log onto the game.

Tom Clancy's: The Division Dark Sone pack
Crafted backpacks are believed to be the cause of The Divisions’
infinite load issues [Image via Ubisoft Entertainment]
The issue, which has been affecting fans since The Division first launch earlier this month, can cause users to effectively become locked out of their characters due to a bug that makes the game stuck on an infinite load screen. After receiving reports from the players who claim to have run into the issue after crafting a high-end back in the game, the developer took to their official forums last week to ask the community to share further details in an effort to isolate exactly what is triggering the bug.

“We are aware that some of you are experiencing an issue where you are locked out of your account.
This is usually caused by having crafted a High-End backpack. We are looking to resolve this, it’s one of our main priorities at the moment.”

To try to gain a clear understanding of the causes behind The Division‘s infinite load screen bug, Ubisoft began compiling a list of information taken from those who have been affected. The developer was hoping to find a specific pattern of clues that could indicate the cause of the problem. In particular, the team wanted to know details on users’ platform, inventory, and if they had indeed crafted a high-end backpack.

The Division city screenshot
As an online title, The Division will evolve over time [Image via Ubisoft Entertainment]
Thankfully, it now looks like the feedback from The Division’s community has paid off as Ubisoft now claims to have made some progress of fixing the bug. In an update posted on the forums today, the developer announced that they have fully identified the cause of the issue. While an update to remove the bug from the game isn’t ready for release at this time, Ubisoft did state that they intend to make a patch available as soon as possible.

“Thanks to your input we’ve been able to identify the cause of the issue. We have not yet pushed a patch for this, but it’s our top priority in bug fixing and we’ll deploy the solution as soon as possible. We’d like to thank you again for your cooperation and patience.”

As affected users continue to wait on a fix, The Division servers were brought down early Tuesday morning across all platforms for weekly scheduled maintenance. Unlike last week’s title update, today’s maintenance wasn’t accompanied by any patch or update for the game. However, Ubisoft Massive did take the time to briefly talk about some upcoming features that are heading soon to Tom Clancy’s: The Division in a State of The Game stream on Twitch.

In the coming weeks, fans can look forward to more details on The Division’s Incursion mode as well as additional challenge maps. Ubisoft also expects to have trading implemented soon so players will finally be able to share their loot with friends. Giving the upcoming trading system more merit, the team hinted that more weapons should also be heading to the game soon.

Ubisoft will also continue to tweak the Dark Zone to improve the experience. Players should expect to see updates for Division Tech as well as new features for the Dark Zone in the near future.

These changes will follow in the footsteps that the developer first set forth with last week’s release of the first major title update for The Division. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Ubisoft has also expressed their desire to once again change how Phoenix Credits are earned in the game. The studio has already altered Phoenix Credit drop rates since the game launched, but they now believe that the initial change was too drastic, so a forthcoming update should make bosses drop more of the end-game currency.

Have you, or anyone you know, been affected by the infinite loading bug in The Division?

[Image via Ubisoft Entertainment]

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