‘Southern Charm’ Kathryn Dennis Reacts To Thomas Ravenel & Cast Ignorant Comments

Season 3 of Southern Charm has just started, and though much of the shade thrown was in the direction of Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, she took it all pretty well, and had a serenity fans haven’t seen in previous seasons. But after viewing the first episode of the new season of Southern Charm, Dennis was dismayed by the way her “friends,” and particularly the father of her children, Thomas Ravenel, spoke of and gossiped about the very-pregnant redhead. There were also some incredibly ignorant comments about pregnancy and mental health that highlight the level of Peter Pan Syndrome amongst the cast of Southern Charm, and it’s not just the guys this time.

According to the Inquisitr, Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis is now focused in regaining her own identity, and getting out of the shadow of Ravenel. Dennis also wants to focus on raising her children, and getting on with life. Dennis seems to have given up on any hope of a partnership with Ravenel, and wants to look forward, and perhaps even start dating.


Bustle had the opportunity to chat with the Southern Charm star, who was disappointed that the entire cast, with the exception of Craig Conover, spent the majority of their time gossiping and giggling about her. Considering that minus Dennis, Conover is the youngest member of the cast, the others, who average age 40, could learn a little something from the younger generation.

Somehow, the topic of irresponsible behavior, getting pregnant out of wedlock, seems to fall entirely in the lap of Dennis, if you believe what the cast of Southern Charm has to say. None of them point a finger at Ravenel, who in his mid 50s, should at least by now understand how not to reproduce, but there was Cameran Eubanks, calling Kathryn Dennis irresponsible, and claiming she doesn’t want to talk about it, because it’s so distressing, yet she continues. But Dennis’ reaction is quite level-headed.

“I think any child is a blessing from God. And I’m disappointed that Cameran said that, actually, because, whether or not she views it as responsible, I’m a very responsible parent and I will always be a responsible parent.”


But then the scene changes, and Patricia Altschul, fluttering around the house in a muumuu and sunglasses indoors again, dissing Dennis, and offering support to Ravenel (Ravenel spends much of the first episode of Southern Charm sporting a serious shiner, after being head-butted in a bar scuffle). But Dennis doesn’t seem too concerned about Altschul, either.

“[Patricia] says I’m irrelevant to her and not important and Thomas should leave me. But, I think I am just as important to her as her medicine, because I am the only thing that she talks about other than that.”

And rounding out the mean girl trio is Landon, who seems to want to come out of the shadows this season on Southern Charm, awkwardly flirting with her neighbor, Ravenel, making jokes about mental health and shock therapy with Ravenel in the nursery he is fixing up for his kids with Dennis. Ravenel seems to long for times like the 1950s, when you could have uppity women institutionalized and shocked into submission, while Landon giggles in approval. Dennis was disgusted.

“… I had no clue Thomas was really even talking to his friends so negatively about me to the point where he thinks I need shock treatment or thinks it’s funny to say that… I don’t understand anyone that would ever say that about anyone. I think it’s disturbing, morbid, and odd.”


She Knows shared an interesting piece on Southern Charm, questioning what Thomas Ravenel actually understands about human reproduction, and why he thinks being misogynistic and sexist is funny, referring to women as hysterical (a term which has the same roots as the word hysterectomy).

Chanel Dubofsky mused that it’s as if the Southern Charm star believes that women can get themselves pregnant, just to annoy and trap you.

“Someone really needs to update him on how babies get conceived, because he definitely thinks people can get themselves pregnant.”

Then there is Shep Rose, generally the comic relief of Southern Charm, who instead of suggesting that Dennis and Ravenel should have been using birth control if they didn’t want another child, suggests that Ravenel should know that if you don’t want children, you should use the “pull out” method. Are you sixteen or 36? Maybe Bravo should sign the whole Southern Charm cast up for some kind of class.


As the youngest members of the cast of Southern Charm, Kathryn Calhoun Dennis and Craig Conover behaved most like adults on the first night of the new season. For all the talk of Dennis being “crazy and irrational,” Dennis seemed far from it, but luckily, hasn’t lost her snarky edge.

What do you think of the new season of Southern Charm?

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