‘Southern Charm:’ Kathryn Dennis Claims She Is Getting Her Identity Back This Season

It’s hardly a shock that a woman just into her twenties could lose her identity after getting involved with a man twice her age, who was divorced and been seriously around the block. Then, to have two children in quick succession, even a woman 10 years older could lose herself and question her identity after spending all day conversing with a toddler. Add to that being a single parent, and it is a surprise that you truly could even remember your name at the end of the day. Southern Charm stand-out Kathryn Calhoun Dennis has seen the light and is ready to move on.

But this is what Kathryn Calhoun Dennis of Southern Charm at the end of the day is saying: she got swallowed up and lost her identity. According to The Inquisitr, after the birth of the Southern Charm star’s second child with Thomas Ravenel, the couple finally called it quits and Dennis started calling Ravenel out for not behaving like a parent, but more like a frat boy at 54.

People Magazine interviewed Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis, who says that she is ready to move on and reclaim her individuality. While Dennis has been mum on Twitter in the last few weeks, taking the high road, and spending time with friends and her kids, Ravenel continues to gain support from his minions who call the mother of his children names and curse her for “keeping Ravenel away from his children.” But now Southern Charm launches a new season tonight, and fans will see if Dennis can continue on the high road without blowing her titan stack.

But Dennis has had an epiphany that though a relationship with Ravenel at this time in her life was not beneficial to her individuality, she is ready to put her big girl pants on and move on, in life and on Southern Charm.

“It’s been a little bit of a shock to lose that part of my life but it’s really refreshing. I am learning who I am, what I like, what I want and enjoy. It’s been great.”

Dennis claims that the relationship ended for good shortly after the birth of the Southern Charm couple’s son. After the child was born, Dennis said that Ravenel claimed once again he wanted to make it work, but it was pretty clear to Dennis that he wasn’t able to keep the effort up.

“The phase where Thomas was going to try and make it work right after I had Julien lasted for about a week.”

Dennis wants to dedicate herself to her children and rebuild her life, and maybe even learn how to date, but she says she hasn’t done it in so long (and likely doesn’t want to start on Southern Charm).

The New York Post is claiming that Southern Charm‘s Kathryn Calhoun Dennis is ready to wave an olive branch for the sake of her children and move on. Dennis wishes that things could get better, but it will have to start with Ravenel staying off social media in an attempt to settle some sort of score. Ravenel, who claims to be dating another much younger woman, still seems obsessed with Dennis, likening her to the devil. Dennis seems to have realized that it does not reflect well on her to speak ill of her children’s father.

Ravenel has claimed that Dennis is keeping his children from him, but she says that though it’s been difficult, she offers him visitation with the children.

“It’s been kind of difficult, but I do try to ask him if he wants visitation and he does.”

Dennis also says that she has found support with the cast of Southern Charm and outside of Ravenel, which has helped her created her own support system. Shep Rose and Craig Conover are her close pals, and she counts some of the Southern Charm ladies as part of her inner circle.

She says that Elizabeth Madison and Jennifer Snowden have been great and want nothing from Dennis than to be her friend.

“Elizabeth and I have gotten much closer because I don’t have many friends that also have children, so the fact that she [lives] close to me, we get to hang out all the time.”

Dennis claims that Jennifer Snowden showed her the Charleston ropes when she was new in town and new to Southern Charm.

“She’s [Jennifer Snowden] offered a lot of wisdom to me and she’s a person who doesn’t want anything from you, other than to be your friend.”

The new season of Southern Charm might be the bumpiest road yet, but it sounds like the sailing could be smooth on the horizon.

What do you think of tonight’s season premiere of Southern Charm?

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