Prince Harry Continues Hero Role: Building Nepalese School And Unveiling Invictus Games Team

Prince Harry seems to be leaving his role as a party animal behind him as he increasingly takes a more pronounced role in his charitable works.

Not only is Prince Harry involved in helping rebuild a Nepalese school destroyed in an earthquake, as patron of the Invictus Games Foundation, the prince also had the privilege of announcing the 110-member team competing at the second annual Invictus Games to be held in Florida. Over 180 wounded, injured, and sick military personnel participated in tryouts for the 110 spots available.

According to a press release from the United Kingdom government, former Army Captain David Wiseman, who was shot while performing his duties in Helmand Province, will take on the captaincy of the team. Wiseman praised the benefits that the Invictus Games provides to participants.

“I think the Invictus Games is a shining example of what this community can achieve, a group of individuals from around the world coming together in order to show everyone that beyond injury, they can achieve the extraordinary,” he said.

Prince Harry was on hand during the official team announcement to hand over the Invictus Games flag to U.S. captain Will Reynolds. The flag handoff represents the change in venue for the upcoming Invictus Games from London to Orlando, Florida.

Canadians are also quite excited for the Invictus Games. Team Canada’s entry into this year’s games was announced in January at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Complex for the Florida competition, according to True Patriot Love. For the 2017 games, Prince Harry announced that Canada would play host to the Invictus Games. 2017 also marks the year that Canada will celebrate 150 years since Confederation, and Prince Harry said he was thrilled to see the game go to Canada on such an important occasion.

“I am absolutely delighted to announce that the Invictus legacy will continue when Toronto hosts the third Invictus Games,” he said in a video release in March 2016 posted to CBC News.

In addition to his work with the Invictus Games, Prince Harry has been hard at work, according to People, helping to rebuild a school in Nepal that was destroyed in an April 2015 earthquake.

Team Rubicon released images that showed Prince Harry moving bags and lifting wooden joists as he worked alongside others to help rebuild the school. As is his way, Prince Harry also took the time to speak to local children who would be helped by the school’s rebuilding.

Team Rubicon “uses the skills and experiences of military veterans to tackle the aftermath of natural disasters,” People reported. After his official visit, Prince Harry surprised everyone there by saying that he would remain to continue to help with the school rebuild.

In addition to helping with the rebuilding of the school, Prince Harry also helped others repair a hydroelectric turbine that helped feed energy to the school and to some 300 homes in the area. In addition, he helped with the installation of a solar farm in an extra effort to help provide the area with sustainable energy sources.

The Malay Mail Online said that Prince Harry left the British army after a decade of service in June 2015, and while he was helping rebuild the school, he had to rely on local methods of building, as there were no machines available. Some of the local methods included breaking rocks down by hand and carrying, mixing, and applying cement manually.

Included in the rebuilding effort was Wiseman, Invictus Games Team UK captain for the Florida Invictus Games, to be held in Orlando Florida at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex from May 8 to May 12, according to the Invictus Games Foundation website. Prince Harry, in the meantime, will also be putting in an appearance in Toronto in May to launch the countdown to the Invictus Games in 2017, to be held in Toronto.

[Photo by Mauricio Gris/Team Rubicon UK via Getty Images]

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