‘Dying For Work’ Billboards With Dummy Hanging From Noose Caused A Scare In Las Vegas

Las Vegas billboards with the words “dying for work” painted on them and a mannequin hanging from a noose beneath the advertisement caused quite a stir for commuters on their way to work this morning. Las Vegas motorists thought the dummy hanging from the noose on the dying for work billboard was a real person and alerted Nevada law enforcement officers, Fox News notes.

The Nevada Highway Patrol received multiple reports about the billboards, the most prominent dying for work billboard was placed along Interstate 15, a major roadway into the city for workers. Lamar Advertising owns the billboards which featured the dying for work and “hope you’re happy now Wall Street” slogans. According to reports from local Fox5Vegas, Lamar Advertising stated the dying for work billboards were an act of vandalism.

Frantic 911 calls about the dying for work billboards began at at 6:30 a.m. According to Nevada Trooper Jeremie Elliott’s statements to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Fortunately none of the dying for work billboards caused an accident as morning rush hour drivers were shocked by what appeared to be a human being hanging from a noose.

Highway Patrol officers are currently working on finding and removing all of the dying for work billboards so drivers are not further distracted by the graphic display. If Lamar Advertising files a vandalism complaint, the Las Vegas Metro Police will handle the dying for work investigation.

Nevada currently has the highest unemployment rate in America, perhaps prompting the dying for work billboards. The mannequin hanging from the dying for work billboards in Las Vegas was adorned in a black suit and looked extremely real from a motorist’s vantage point.


FOX5 Vegas – KVVU