Weight Debate: Jennie Garth’s New Skinny Body Has Some Fans Worried

If you put on a couple of pounds the media will shred you apart. If you fail to shed the baby weight you could lose hundreds of fans. If you’re an Olympian competing at the 2012 London Olympics people will criticize your body shape. Even if you drop a few pounds, you could find yourself in a weight debate. Yep, it’s tough being in the public eye. The latest celebrity to get the collective once-over is Jennie Garth, who recently appeared at a Fox Friends taping in NYC with a “dramatically thinner” figure.

Celebuzz and Us Weekly both criticized the former 90210 star for her slimmer figure while sites like Babble praised the stars casual look.

The Daily Mail reports that Garth may be a victim of “the heartbreak diet.”

The former 90210 star recently split from her husband of 11-years Peter Facinelli.

Garth admitted that she was having a very difficult time after the divorce and it’s possible that her grief has affected her eating habits.

Garth said:

“I think with any sort of rejection, you’re angry that you weren’t enough for that person… So I don’t know if I’m angry at myself for not being enough, or if I’m angry at him for not considering me to be enough.”

But Garth appeared happy alongside her daughter Lola Ray as she entered the studio for her appearance on Fox and Friends.

Here’s a before and after photo of Jennie Garth. Do you think she’s too skinny?

jennie garth

Do you think Jennie Garth is a victim of the heartbreak diet? Is she too skinny?

Here’s Garth’s new commercial for Old Navy featuring some of her former 90210 cast members.