Paul Ryan Calls ‘Whoa’ To Republican Dark Horse Hopes

Paul Ryan, whose name has been thrown around the presidential arena like a wild bronco, said (again) that he isn’t saddling up for this ride.

Ryan hastily arranged a 3:15 p.m. press conference for today inside the Republican National Committee. The Washington Post said an unnamed representative warned hopefuls touting Ryan that his speech to the press would constitute a rejection.

“He’s going to rule himself out and put this to rest once and for all.”

Sure enough, Ryan confirmed the statement.

“We have too much work to do in the house to allow this speculation to swirl, or to have my motivations questioned.”

Ryan has been dodging this bullet for months despite the wishes of established Republicans that he would step in and claim the nomination at July’s convention in Cleveland.

Ryan provided a shining hope for GOP lobbyists who have watched the crash and burn of this year’s primary candidates, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. The Washington Post put it bluntly.

“Cruz currently running second to Trump, fares better than the real estate mogul but not by much, and the senator is loathed by a GOP establishment that has openly flouted his candidacy.”

In a general opinion poll on, 61 percent voted in favor of Paul Ryan as president.

“Best candidate to beat Hillary,” one response said.

“Most of all.. He could win. He is likable. He could beat Hillary. He is a genuine guy. He is good looking and Americans like good looking candidates. He had a conscious (sic) and he cares about the country more than himself. He doesn’t seem calculating and personally ambitious. He is a humble leader who listens and learns before taking action. He is a good guy. We need him.”

Another post echoed the last sentence.

“Not only do us (sic) Republicans need him, America needs him too. He is in favor of setting a budget for the government which we sorely need, considering we are 16 trillion dollars in debt and some of our debt is owned by CHINA. Yes he wants abortion to be banned, but he even stated that certain cases like rape and incest should be allowed. He is more moderate than anything. He most certainly is not as pro-life as it gets, and as far as I am aware, he has not made a sexist statement. He is young and very involved in the political stage right now, we need this man. Please Paul, please run in 2016.”

Others said no, adding, “The Republican party is in shambles and needs a complete reform.”

“Paul Ryan is just more of the same, old money, white, and ignorant to the ways of the world. Without a fresh new candidate who bursts the walls of traditional republicanism, the presidency will remain with the democrats for ages to come.”

Another agreed with the sentiment.

“Paul Ryan is the epitome of the privileged, cruel upper class of society… white, born rich, heteronormative and sexist in his statements and political stances. If he’s as pro-life as it gets, then he’s the last person I want to be our president. He wants abortions criminalized and has voted against welfare. He’s an enemy of all marginalized groups.”

The Washington Post stated that a month ago at a private event in Washington, Paul Ryan cursed out his predecessor, John Boehner, for mentioning him as a presidential hopeful.

“It’s not going to be me, it should be somebody running for president.”

Despite Ryan’s protests, his office has been releasing glossy, campaign-style videos that have tossed a few hot coals under the Republican boiling pot. Titled “Politics These Days,” it even goes so far as to mention the election.

If Ryan is attempting to tamp down the crackling bursts of hot noise by his “Draft Paul Ryan” hopefuls, promoting himself in this light isn’t the way to go.

Is he really far off the beaten track of Republican consideration, or doth Paul Ryan protest too much?

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