‘DWTS’ Mischa Barton Goes Home: Is Her Bad Attitude To Blame? [Video]

Actress and former bad girl Mischa Barton was sent home tonight on Dancing with the Stars. Was it her bad dancing skills or bad attitude that really got her sent home so soon?

Despite an improved dance performance, Barton was the second star kicked off season 22 of DWTS. Actually Mischa and her partner, Artem Chigvintsev, gave their best performance to date, but sadly that did not save them. Even though Carrie, Len, and Bruno all agreed that Mischa had improved significantly since her disastrous performance from last week and her score was one point higher than last week, it would end up being her last dance on the ABC show.

Mischa Barton’s attitude was changed on DWTS tonight but it was not a complete overhaul from the bad attitude she has possessed since the show began. Let’s not forget her complete meltdown and blaming her partner Chigvintsev for their bad score last week. During rehearsals, Barton was basically a brat who was not paying attention to Artem or the producers, but that didn’t stop her from going after him when their dance tanked. Mischa blamed her bad attitude on being sick and her bad dancing on not being able to hear the music. Both excuses left fans not-too-thrilled with the actress.

Soon after Barton’s breakdown, reports began to surface that she was not such a pleasant person on set. Social media also erupted with messages slamming not only Mischa’s dancing ability, but also her horrible attitude. Since a large part of staying on the show is done through fan voting, it could be that Barton’s attitude is what really did her in.

Chances are, the truth about what actually got Mischa booted from DWTS will never be known. Let’s just say, though, perhaps if her attitude was not so awful, her lack of dancing skills, and willingness to try might have earned her a little more sympathy and another chance. However, no one likes a jerk, and, seriously, Barton is known for her spoiled brat antics and it looks like fans were just done with giving Mischa chances.

It was “Most Memorable Year Night” on tonight’s episode of DWTS, meaning the stars picked and performed dances that pertained to his or her most memorable year. For Barton, that was 2008 when she claimed that The O.C. was in all of its glory, which was interesting because the show went off the air in 2007. However, that didn’t stop Mischa from using it as her most memorable year because she left the show and found herself.

Even though there was likely some truth to Barton’s memorable year, yes she did leave The O.C. and it very well could have been because that is not what she wanted to do anymore. However, there is no way that was in 2008, because the show was not even on air then. The inaccuracy of what was supposed to be her most memorable year probably didn’t help her case either. O.C. fans are obsessive and know their facts, perhaps one of the lead actresses on the show should know them as well.

Mischa Barton went home this week on DWTS. Doug Flutie and Karina Smirnoff joined Barton and Chigvintsev as one of the couples in jeopardy, along with the very shocking choice of Jodi Sweetin and Keo Motsepe. In the end, Mischa was the one to leave the ballroom. Her luck had run out and her last dance had been danced.

Now that Barton has been kicked off of DWTS, do you think it was her dancing skills that got her booted or her horrible attitude that caused her dancing days to be over?

[Photo via ABC]