WWE Rumors, Spoilers: ‘Monday Night Raw’ Brings ‘WrestleMania’ Fall-Out: Who Is Returning?

With the ending of WrestleMania 32, Roman Reigns held the WWE World Heavyweight Title high in the air above his head as his moment had finally come. Unfortunately, the fans were still not too thrilled with the idea of him being the top star. Now, it’s time to move on to Monday Night Raw, and the new champions will be there along with a possible return on the way.

WWE.com has posted the full preview for tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw, and it brings the “Roman Empire” to a start. Against most of the fans’ wishes, Roman Reigns defeated Triple H for the title and headlined WrestleMania in championship style.

Now, it’s time for him to stand at the front and lead WWE as their new champion.

What does the future hold for Raw?

It’s now the day after WrestleMania 32, and it is supposed to be the new beginnings of so many things in WWE. All past feuds are pretty much supposed to come to a halt while new programs begin with different superstars challenging one another. It’s going to be interesting to see just how much of that actually happens and if it is time for a change.

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One of the biggest question marks right now is that of Shane McMahon. He did not defeat The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell last night and, therefore, did not gain control of Monday Night Raw. After taking a dive off the top of the cell and crashing through a table, some wonder if he will ever show up in WWE again.

Who’s coming after the all-new WWE Women’s Championship?

There is no longer a Divas division, as all of those who compete in the ring with WWE are known as Superstars whether they are male or female. Charlotte went into the PPV last night as the Divas Champion and left as the WWE Women’s Champion.

wwe rumors spoilers monday night raw preview wrestlemania 32 fall out roman reigns john cena return zack ryder brock lesnar charlotte women's title

After defeating Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks in a great triple threat match, WWE wonders who will step up to go after the brand new title belt. After losing the NXT Women’s Title to Asuka on Friday night, it is very possible that Bayley may finally get her call-up to the main roster.

Is John Cena returning to Raw?

The Rock pulled off his casual attire and was ready for battle as he disposed of Erick Rowan in just six seconds last night. He was outnumbered by the rest of The Wyatt Family, though, and it meant that help was needed so he got it — from John Cena.

No one saw it coming, as Cena just had shoulder surgery back at the end of January and rumor had it that he wouldn’t be back in the ring until mid-summer. Well, he looked really good against the Wyatts last night, but is he back for good? Look for John Cena to return on Raw tonight or to at least give word on his status.

How does Ambrose come back from the carnage?

Last night at WrestleMania 32, Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar gave each other a beating like no one’s business. When all was said and done, though, Lesnar gave a devastating F-5 to Ambrose on top of multiple chairs and pinned him in the middle of the ring.

wwe rumors spoilers monday night raw preview wrestlemania 32 fall out roman reigns john cena return zack ryder brock lesnar

Where does Dean Ambrose turn now? In the past few months, he wasn’t able to win the WWE Title and now has lost on the grandest stage of them all after a big-time F-5 and 13 German suplexes. Will he even be standing?

Fans want to also know if Brock Lesnar will be anywhere to be found, but he may not show his face again for a few weeks. That is common for the “Beast Incarnate” and his business adviser, Paul Heyman.

How long can WrestleMania’s Cinderella Man make the moment last?

In probably one of the most unexpected outcomes in the history of WrestleMania or even all of wrestling, Zack Ryder won the Intercontinental Championship. He pushed a cocky Miz off the top of the ladder and grabbed the belt as his own in an awesome and emotional moment, as recapped by WWE.com.

That was Ryder’s first Intercontinental Title victory, and now he will have to deal with many coming after him, but who? Some of those in the match may want to get their hands on the title they missed out on, but look for Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn to probably begin a battle of their own.

WrestleMania is over for another year, and the new WWE season officially begins tonight with Monday Night Raw. Roman Reigns is the new World Champion and Zack Ryder is the new Intercontinental Champion, and they will be there, but what else will happen? Will Brock Lesnar appear? Is John Cena going to return full-time?

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