WWE: Dean Ambrose Now Considered A ‘Jobber’

Dean Ambrose faced Brock Lesnar in a street fight at WrestleMania 32 that many expected him to win.

The Lunatic Fringe had been buried in segment after segment with the Beast Incarnate heading into Sunday night’s big show, so the thinking was that he would be able to utilize weapons and the no-holds-barred format to his advantage.

If you were going to have Dean Ambrose beat Lesnar, it was certainly the credible way to do it. Lesnar is a top-tier athlete, a former UFC champion, and an NCAA Division I Heavyweight Wrestling Champion.

No way does Dean beat this guy in a real fight, but this is professional wrestling, and the stars were aligned in his favor.

While he did get in some good offense, it took little time for Lesnar to squash his efforts and finish him with a single F-5.

The booking confounded the hosts of the popular Live Audio Wrestling (LAW) Podcast. Main host Jason Agnew observed that there was nowhere for the Dean Ambrose character to go after this — that Lesnar could have taken the loss, especially in this format, and been no worse for wear.

It’s an observation many fans have been sharing on social media as well.

On the surface, there isn’t anything wrong with having Lesnar take the win from Dean Ambrose, but when it’s done in this type of lopsided fashion, both leading up to the payoff and in the payoff itself, you can’t help but think Dean has become nothing more than a WWE jobber.

As most wrestling fans know, a jobber (more kindly referred to as “enhancement talent”) is there to make a rising star look good.

He’s there to elevate another’s standing in the storylines.

Lesnar, however, proudly wears the label of “part-timer,” and isn’t being seriously considered for the world title picture at this time. There is nowhere for him to go, in other words.

He is there as what the company calls a “featured attraction,” presumably to look monstrous while at the same time helping younger talents get over.

Of course, that does not mean Lesnar has to lose to accomplish his objective. Quite the contrary. By having him win as often as he does, the company can get an even bigger pop when the time finally comes for him to drop one.

That time came last night, but the WWE sent a loud and clear message to fans supporting Dean Ambrose.

Stop trying to push him. He is not going anywhere past the mid card. You cheer him like he’s a main eventer, yet main event guys usually win at some point in their upward trajectories.

This hasn’t been the case with Dean Ambrose.

He has either lost or experienced a disappointing outcome for every major storyline he’s in — the very hallmark of a wrestling jobber.

Seth Rollins has beaten him.

Roman Reigns has beaten him.

He managed to briefly capture the Intercontinental Title from Kevin Owens until losing that, as well.

The only feud he actually got an upper hand in is the one he had with Bray Wyatt, and after observing the way that WWE has positioned Bray and his followers, that angle is basically a jobber beating another jobber.

Brock Lesnar was his last chance to be relevant, and with WrestleMania 32, WWE has said “no more.” Roman Reigns is The Shield representative you’re getting at the top of the card, fans. Shut up and like it.

But what do you think, readers?

Do you agree that Dean Ambrose has officially moved into jobber status, and if not, what makes you feel that he is still relevant to the company’s booking? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via WWE]