Sean Young Rehashes Her Catwoman Story And Other Hollywood Tales

Sean Young was once a popular actress who peaked in the 1980s; although later in her career, she was more known to be difficult during filming and for her real life romantic drama. To this day, Young still fantasizes about becoming Catwoman in the Batman film franchise.

Young has a new interview out this month for The Hollywood Reporter, where she opens up about her desire to still play Catwoman. She also talks about her alcoholic struggles and the time that actor James Woods accused her of stalking.

Young has a new film out, Darling, that was first released at the Fantastic Fest Film Festival last year, but now opened in theaters over the weekend. Sean Young plays Madame in the psychological horror film that stars Lauren Ashley Carter who plays Madame’s young caretaker whose mind comes undone.

actress Sean Young, The Hollywood Reporter April interview
While talking to Tatiana Siegal for The Hollywood Reporter, Young mentions that she still thinks that she would make a great Catwoman, even in the current Batman films. Originally, Young had been cast as Vicky Vale for the 1989 Batman film directed by Tim Burton. Unfortunately, Young ended up breaking her arm during a rehearsal and had to drop out. Kim Basinger replaced the brunette actress in the role.

When it was time to cast for Burton’s 1992 Batman Returns sequel, Young was determined to be cast as Catwoman. The actress went so far as to try to find Burton in the Warner Bros. parking lot while dressed in her homemade Catwoman catsuit to convince the director to give the part to her. Michelle Pfeiffer ended up being cast as the iconic comic book character in the film.

Ambushing Burton in the parking lot wasn’t the only time Young dressed up as Catwoman. In another attempt to catch Warner Bros. executives’ attentions, Sean Young appeared on The Joan Rivers Show in full Catwoman mode to prove that she had what it takes to play the feline villain. Young documented her attempt that is now uploaded to her YouTube channel.

While filming the 1988 film, Wall Street, Young clashed with director Oliver Stone. Young confirms that Stone cut her role significantly in the final cut, and she felt that her reputation for being difficult stemmed from that filming.

Sean Young also mentions James Woods in the interview, her co-star in the 1988 film, The Boost. Woods ended up filing a lawsuit against Young, claiming that the actress stalked him and his now-former fiance, which Young still denies.

Young claims that Woods filed the lawsuit out of spite because she turned down his advances. The lawsuit was eventually settled out of court, and Young felt that Hollywood went against her because she wasn’t a man, according to an interview she did with The Guardian.

Young starred in other notable 1980s films like Stripes, Blade Runner, Dune, No Way Out, and Cousins. While a Blade Runner sequel is in the works and Harrison Ford signed on to star in the sequel, Young has not been approached to reprise her popular role as Rachel.

Sean Young talks about how Jim Carrey championed for her to star in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and that Jennifer Lawrence and Alicia Vikander are great actresses to watch in films. The actress also mentions that she might direct a film in the future, if she can get funding for it, and still hopes to act in movies, even though she knows that she is at an age where casting is scarce for actresses like her.

“I have the great [advantage] of getting to relax, but when I want to do something I go ahead and do it. I don’t beat myself up a lot over the aspects of show business anymore.”

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