'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Negan Will Kill Someone In Season 6 Finale - What Are The Odds On Each Major Character's Death?

Shaunee Flowers

The Walking Dead Season 6 finale airs tonight and fans are losing their minds with excitement over the upcoming 90-minute episode. Fans know there with be death and they know it will be devastating but what no one knows is who will die at the hands of Negan and his barbed wire wrapped baseball bat named Lucille.

The TWD finales are known for killing off characters, sometimes even the big ones but tonight's Season 6 finale called "Last Day On Earth" is said to be the most epic, horrifying and amazing episode in the history of The Walking Dead franchise. One thing is for sure, Negan's arrival is supposed to put The Governor's villainous deeds to shame. Fansided ranked the possible victims of Negan in order and we've taken the liberty of making comments on their choices as well as adding a few of our own.

Much less is known about the TWD finale than we have learned about previous Season 6 episodes. AMC has gone out of their way to hush the spoilers and keep Negan's epic entrance a secret until it's time for fans to see it all play out on their TV screens. Many of the actors involved in the Season 6 finale have talked about their reactions to reading the script for the first time and to filming the actual episode.

Stephen Yeun, who plays Glenn Rhees, has said the finale is "awesome" and that it's one of the best episodes ever. His TV wife, Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, has said the script really upset her. Andrew Lincoln even admitted that he was late for work the day they started filming the episode because he couldn't sleep the night before. No matter what happens, it's going to be shocking and heartbreaking. TWD fans are going to lose one of the most beloved characters and it will probably be someone from the original group.

In the comic books, Negan's first kill was Glenn and the scene is going to play out almost identically to the way the comics introduce the new TWD villain. That said, there is no guarantee that Glenn is going to die the same way he did in the comics. He is the top contender to meet Lucille tonight, though. Many fans are guessing that the other alternate deaths throughout the season (Tyreese instead of Morgan and Denise instead of Abraham) mean that Glenn might really die. Not to mention that AMC has been teasing his death for more than a year now and even had the former pizza boy pose in a promo with a baseball bat. It's a pretty safe bet that Glenn is going out in the season 6 finale and all the hints that it might be someone else are simply a diversion to distract fans in search of spoilers.

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Of course, there is also a really good chance that someone else from Rick's original group of survivors could die. Those who have been around a while including Carol, Daryl, Carl, and Maggie. Based on the 11-minute audio released prior to the finale, it's safe to say that Carl isn't going to die. We know that because Negan is heard on the tape threatening to have Carl's other eye cut out and fed to Rick if the group doesn't get quiet.

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From the sound of the audio, we're betting that Maggie is safe, just like Rick and Carl. They are addressed by Negan during the short clip and it sounds like Maggie can be heard crying even after Negan swings his bat. Abraham is with the group and is at risk. The odds of his being Negan's victim are rather slim. It's hard to imagine that Abraham's death would elicit such a huge reaction from the rest of the cast.

One thing that seems pretty sure is that Rick Grimes will not be killed by Negan in the Season 6 finale. Despite all the theories about how TWD might change their entire story in order to kill off the main character, it just doesn't make sense. Rick is The Walking Dead and the entire story and plot for the comics and the AMC series revolve around him. While it certainly would make TV history to kill off Rick, it doesn't make sense. It's safe to say that AMC and the creators of TWD are not going to risk the future success of the show by doing that.

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