Ivana Trump Is The Reason Why Donald Trump Hasn’t Run For President Sooner

Ivana Trump is the reason why Donald Trump has not run for president sooner.

Donald Trump’s ex-wife, and the mother of three of his children, gave an extremely rare interview with The New York Post recently and said that their divorce put a stop to Donald Trump’s presidential plans.

“Probably five years before our divorce, Reagan or somebody brought him a letter and said, ‘You should run for president,'” Ivana Trump told The Post.

“So he was thinking about it. But then… there was the divorce, there was the scandal, and American women loved me and hated him,” she said.

In 1991, Donald Trump’s affair with actress and television actress Marla Maples went public and this led Ivana and Donald Trump to split. The divorce made headline news and led to a lot of negative publicity for Donald. It wasn’t the best time for him to start a presidential campaign.

“So there was no way that he would go into [politics] at that point,” Ivana said. “But he was always tooling around with the idea.”

Ivana also said that she sometimes acts as a adviser to her ex-husband, Donald Trump.

“I suggest a few things,” Ivana said.

She also thinks that The Donald — fun fact: she gave him that sobriquet in the 90s — would be a good president.

“He’s no politician. He’s a businessman. He knows how to talk. He can give an hour speech without notes… He’s blunt.”

She adds that Donald would hire “fantastic advisers, like Carl Icahn. Really brilliant minds. And he’d make a decision! Obama cannot make a decision if his life depends on it. It’s ridiculous.”

Ivana Trump is also in favor of Donald Trump’s immigration policies, even though she is an immigrant who was born in Czechoslovakia.

“I have nothing against Mexicans, but if they [come] here — like this 19-year-old, she’s pregnant, she crossed over a wall that’s this high,” Ivana told The New York Post, as she reportedly lowered her hand to about 4 inches above her floor. “She gives the birth in American hospital, which is for free. The child becomes American automatically. She brings the whole family, she doesn’t pay the taxes, she doesn’t have a job, she gets the housing, she gets the food stamps. Who’s paying? You and me.”

She is in favor of legal immigrants for a very interesting reason.

“As long as you come here legally and get a proper job… we need immigrants. Who’s going to vacuum our living rooms and clean up after us? Americans don’t like to do that.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is still the front-runner for the GOP presidential front-runner and he’s still making off the cuff radical statements. His latest? The U.S. is on course to go through a recession. Trump made the statement in an interview with The Washington Post.

“I think we’re sitting on an economic bubble. A financial bubble,” the billionaire businessman said in the interview.

Trump also took issue with the jobs report recently released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“We’re not at 5 percent unemployment,” Trump told The Washington Post.

“We’re at a number that’s probably into the twenties if you look at the real number,” he said, adding that the official jobless figure is “statistically devised to make politicians — and in particular presidents — look good.”

Donald Trump is coming off of a difficult week for himself and his presidential campaign. As another article in The Washington Post notes, Trump changed his stance on abortion five times in the last 3 days.

“The answer is… that,” Trump said. “There has to be some form of punishment.”

This comment led to a firestorm of negative backlash for Donald Trump and his presidential campaign. The Trump camp quickly released a statement that sought to clarify his stance on abortion.

[Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation]