Chris Evans Hints Death In ‘Captain America: Civil War’: Captain America Or Iron Man?

Even before Captain America: Civil War hits the big screen, countless spoilers and rumors are already out and about, thanks to the excitement of fans and the nosiness of content creators. What’s really going to happen? Are we going to lose Iron Man or Captain America or some other Marvel hero? The excitement only builds up as we get closer to the premiere.

The story line of the Avengers and other Marvel characters in movies has pretty much been loose from its comic counterpart. We do know that in the comics, Marvel is pretty okay to lose a few names here and there. Will the Marvel movies do the same? With a huge battlefield in store for our Marvel heroes in Captain America: Civil War, there is no doubt there will be bloodshed. And we’ve already had a couple of teasers about it, too.

We know a funeral is coming up in Captain America: Civil War from the sneak peek we saw at the D23 expo last August. And in a recent interview with Captain America himself, Chris Evans, he might have slipped that not everyone will be walking out of the Civil War alive.

Iron Man and Captain America trying to be 'civil' (Screenshot of Captain America Civil War trailer)
Iron Man and Captain America trying to be ‘civil’ (Screenshot of Captain America: Civil War trailer)

In an interview with Extra, on the set of Captain America: Civil War, Chris Evans was asked what scene were they filming that day.

“A little bit of stunt stuff. Some walk out, some don’t.”

Scarlett Johansson was in her Task Force uniform and when Extra correspondent AJ brought up the Captain’s slip up, she beckoned them to burn the tape.

The question is, whose funeral will it be? Watch the full interview with Extra below:

One theory speculates that it could be James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) kicking the bucket. The first trailer released for Captain America: Civil War did hint at this possibility as they show Rhodes heavily injured. It could also be Captain America himself, Steve Rogers, who we all know would die later in the Marvel Comics because of the events of the Civil War.

James Rhodes heavily injured (screenshot of Captain America Civil War trailer)
James Rhodes heavily injured (screenshot of Captain America: Civil War trailer)

Some are also mulling over the possibility that Bucky Barnes could turn in for Captain America: Civil War. It’s his freedom everyone’s fighting about in Civil War, anyway. There’s also the tidbit that the second trailer of Captain America: Civil War opens with Captain America’s voice over with the shot of Bucky as the Winter Solider hooked up to a machine.

“We try to save as many people as we can. Sometimes that doesn’t mean everybody. But you don’t give up.”

Since Bucky is responsible for Howard Stark’s death, it’s not impossible Iron Man would close in for revenge.

Could Bucky Barnes be the subject of Iron Man's revenge (screenshot of Captain America Civil War trailer)
Could Bucky Barnes be the subject of Iron Man’s revenge (screenshot of Captain America: Civil War trailer)

Will Iron Man die in Captain America: Civil War? It’s not entirely possible, too, since if Captain America is the protagonist of Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man is technically the villain. And if he’s the villain, there is a slight chance he could be eliminated from the equation.

If he dies, Movie Pilot put in its two cents about what could happen.

“For one, the technology for the Iron Man suit would be passed over to the government because he is no longer in charge of STARK Industries, and Iron Man can no longer be claimed as a trademark of the company. The technology would be passed to the new U.S. replacement for S.H.I.E.L.D., lead by none other than Norman Osborn (just like in the comics).”

A death is always a good addition to a dramatic ending, too. Since directors Joe and Anthony Russo are gearing up for a controversial ending, a major character death could just pull off their goal. In an interview with Empire, the Russos noted the following.

“In Civil War, we’re going to change the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Psychology, and it’s an extreme shift. Winter Soldier was a political thriller; this is a psychological thriller. [There’s a] very dramatic ending that will be controversial for a lot of people.”

Captain America: Civil War is set to premiere in movie theaters nationwide on May 6, 2016. Watch the two trailers of Captain America: Civil War below.

[Featured image screenshot of Captain America: Civil War trailer]