'Far Cry Primal' Survivor Mode Will Challenge Your Gaming Skills Even Further Soon, And It's Free!

Far Cry Primal's Survivor Mode is about to drop on virtual cave men everywhere in a couple of weeks. It seems Ubisoft knows that some gamers thrive on higher difficulty, so they figured out how to make their latest first-person open world adventure even tougher.

In many games these days, especially the open world genres, developers give you infinite lives with which to take on the game. It's helpful when you're learning how to play the game the first time, but for the gamers craving more difficulty, even games like Mad Max are considered a cake walk when you can just keep coming back and trying again.

For those who haven't played it, Mad Max can be brutally unforgiving if you don't know the combat system well enough. Some locations around the wasteland are almost guaranteed to kill you at least once if you're not prepared. Far Cry Primal's upcoming Survivor Mode will soon be even more brutal as you fight to tame wildlife and conquer rival tribes.

How brutal can it be? Try making it all the way through the game on only one or two lives. Though it's almost like becoming a zombie the second time, this means the game's AI only has to double-tap you. Of course, that second life isn't given from the start. Instead, you have to reach a completion point to gain it, if you chose the two-life option. Once you lose your life, the game is over. You lose your progress and have to start over.

Aside from certain technical aspects, the free Far Cry Primal Survivor Mode makes the game more realistic. On April 12, you'll get your chance to see how good you really are.

If having up to two lives isn't hard enough, consider that your stamina doesn't regenerate until you sleep. Nearly everything strenuous will deplete this natural resource, and when it runs out, your character will be weaker and slower. Also be mindful of your food supply, since even fast travel will cost you, just as though you made the trip in real life.

Also if you're planning to use the mini-map, Far Cry Primal's Survivor Mode will remove it so you can only see your immediate surroundings through normal means. You'll need to look around to be sure you're not being stalked by a predator, human or four-legged. Also crafting your ammunition takes a few more seconds, so you can't simply run in like Rambo and make more arrows as you go. Now you'll need to hide and use tactics to take out large numbers of rival tribesmen or large animals.

Director Thomas Simon explained how hunting and taming animals will also be more difficult. "The beasts you're going to control are going to get less powerful. You're going to have to fight them up to the moment that they are at half-life, then bait them and tame them."

Yes, this means that tigers and bears will only be tamed by those with elite skill and gameplay mastery. Plus if they die, they stay dead, so you'll have to use them sparingly.

On the bright side (if you'll pardon the pun), Far Cry Primal's Survivor Mode will make night time a little easier to see. Hunter vision will be enhanced, giving you a slight advantage if you're a night hunter.

However, when it gets cold, your health will be affected. You will need to build more campfires to make it through the arctic regions.

Are you ready to test your skills on April 12 when Far Cry Primal's Survivor Mode hits?

[Feature image via Far Cry Primal /Ubisoft]