Ultimate Redneck Sales Pitch: Buy a pickup truck, get a free machine gun

For the month of August, if you buy a pickup truck at Max Motors in Butler, near Kansas City, they’ll throw in a voucher for a free AK-47 machine gun.

That’s right folks, Mark Muller, 49, the owner of the Max Motors car dealership loves American way of life and believes the gun promotion is a great way to boost sales and see that his fellow Americans are protected.

Muller told the DailyMail:

“We feel we have an obligation to protect ourselves. There are a bunch of maggots out there and not protecting yourself is highly irresponsible. Everyone is scared at the moment. You cannot buy bullets because stores are selling out and guns are hard to come by, so I thought it was a good promotion. The only people being irresponsible are those not protecting themselves.”

Yeah. So the “maggots” won’t buy pickup trucks and get a free gun too?

Only in America.