New Actors And Sea Characters In ‘Finding Dory’ Promise Great Fun

In 2003, Disney Pixar released the movie Finding Nemo, about a sweet little clown fish who, against his father’s orders, ventured out too far into the ocean. Like in real life, rebellion comes with its own set of consequences, and the young fish is captured by divers, ultimately ending up in the fish tank of a dentist’s office. Nemo can see the ocean from the window of the office and sets about planning how he will get home.

Meanwhile, his father, Marlin, has gone in search of Nemo (hence the title) and meets a silly blue reef fish named Dory, voiced by beloved comedienne Ellen DeGeneres. While the little clown fish is the star of Finding Nemo, Dory rose up to find a spot in the hearts of fans. In a way, it’s surprising that it’s taken 13 years to release a sequel to the ever popular Finding Nemo. If the movie is anything like Dory’s personality, Finding Dory will prove to be a fun yet heartwarming experience.

Dory was easy to fall in love with. Much like her counterpart, Ellen DeGeneres, Dory possesses an innate cheerfulness that somehow chases all the clouds away and brings sunshine into every situation, no matter how frightening or difficult. Dory doesn’t even let her own misfortune dim her sunny disposition.

One thing that makes Dory so hilarious is her short term memory loss. Really, really short term. The following clip from Finding Nemo is a great example of the extreme forgetfulness that is Dory.

In the Finding Nemo sequel, Finding Dory begins six months after the tiny clown fish makes a heroic escape from the doctor’s office and reunites with his father. According to Coming Soon, Dory stayed with the clown fish after they returned home. Dory went along on a field trip with Nemo to watch manta rays migrate home. This trip left Dory feeling homesick for her own family, whoever and wherever they might be, and so Dory embarks on an adventure of finding, in essence, herself and her family origins.

Jim Morris, president of Pixar, shares a bit about where Dory’s homecoming will take place.

“The movie will be mostly set at the California Marine Biology Institute, a huge complex of sea life rehabilitation and aquarium, where Dory was born and raised. We will get to meet new characters, like an octopus, sea lions, a beluga whale, among others.”

USA Today reports that, along with the addition of comedic actors, Finding Dory will introduce many new ocean creatures. Director Andrew Stanton set out to bring the ocean to life for those excitedly awaiting Finding Dory.

“The ocean is teeming with literally millions of species. People don’t want to feel like they just spent the movie in a pond. There are just certain species of animals or fish that are fun to watch in real life and you can’t help but to throw a character on them. If they can find a home in Dory’s story, great. It’s a win-win.”

Some characters will have nonspeaking parts. For those who remember the seagulls from Finding Nemo, loons will sweep in and take their place in the new Finding Dory. Dory’s parents, Jenny and Charlie, will be played by none other than Diane Keaton (Godfather, Father of the Bride, Because I Said So) and Eugene Levy (American Pie, Bringing Down the House, Madea’s Witness Protection). This comedy duo will surely have parents and children alike gasping for air between bouts of uproarious laughter.

Finding Dory will be released in theaters this summer, June 17. Until then, “just keep swimming.”

[Image via YouTube]