Mitt Romney Veep Pick? Obama Says He Knows…

The biggest unanswered question of the 2012 presidential election right now (aside from “who will win?”) is “who will Mitt Romney pick as his VP running mate?” Speculation continues to ramp up as Romney stalls the announcement, and even President Obama himself has thrown his hat into the guessing game ring.

This week, President Obama told a top fundraiser that he believes Mitt Romney will choose General David Petraeus as his running mate, reports Newser. Petraeus has seen veep speculation under Romney before, specifically following a so-called “secret meeting” between the two in New Hampshire, but the general has insisted that he has no interest in politics. Nevertheless, “the president wasn’t joking,” when he speculated Petraeus’s VP nod, an insider told Drudge.

No one fully knows for sure, even in conservative circles, as evidenced by right-wing tome The Weekly Standard. William Kristol and Stephen Hayes believe Chris Christie is the strongest contender for the veep nod at this point in the game, while a “well-connected” Romney supporter thinks that Romney sports the greatest chance of winning the election with Paul Ryan at his side.

“I’m convinced Mitt needs to make this a “big issues” election. And the best way to do that is to pick the best voice “we” have for arguing our side of the big issues: Congressman Ryan,” the anonymous Romney supporter said.

Marco Rubio is another name that has been making the rounds in the veep debate, as well as “sleeper favorite” Condoleezza Rice (though she has insisted that she doesn’t want to jump back into politics).

Who do you think Mitt Romney should pick as his VP running mate? Is Obama right in his guess?

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