Zack Snyder Talks ‘Justice League,’ Dead Robin, Hints At Darkseid, Ben Affleck To Direct?

According to Zack Snyder, Justice League may be getting more backstory on Batman’s previous partner, and Darkseid might make his appearance. The villain will mark the second in the series who has never seen a live-action counterpart before. The first was Doomsday, a villain so powerful it took the skills of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman combined to stop him.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet that Darkseid will be in Justice League, although that massive Omega symbol on the ground in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice certainly teased the possibility. Zack Snyder might not even be in charge at that point, as Ben Affleck appears to be taking over after the critical slamming BvS received.


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Critics were not kind toward Snyder’s latest superhero epic, and Ben Affleck appeared to feel the same sense of defeat, as revealed in a viral video featuring Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence.” The box office results, however, proved that even though the critics considered the film a disappointment, the fans liked it enough to pour money into seeing it multiple times.

As Michael Bay fans (and haters) already know, reviews don’t always stop a movie from being a box office juggernaut. Transformers: Age of Extinction nearly flopped in the United States, but proved a hit in China.

In an interview with IGN, Zack Snyder teased that Justice League could probably delve deeper into Batman’s loss of Robin.

“In my mind, it was that Robin had died about 10 years earlier in some run-in with a young Joker. So there was an interest to me, sort of a fun backstory to play with. I felt like the whole idea was there had been loss and there had been sacrifice. In a weird way he’s sacrificed everything to be Batman, he doesn’t really have a life outside the cave. I thought that by including a dead Robin it was helping us understand he’s been on quite a little journey.”

Fans of the comics know that Zack Snyder is referencing the Justice League’s caped crusader’s past the same way Warner Bros. Games did. There was a period in which Joker had captured Robin and tortured him, leading to what was assumed to be his death. According to BvS, Joker had sent Batman Robin’s armor with a message, an homage giving weight to the Dark Knight’s past.

Justice League might also expand on Zack Snyder’s Darkseid tease, “Maybe he exists out there in the universe. Maybe he’s looking for something. Something that is against life?”

Now that Batman and Wonder Woman are teaming up with Superman to take on threats none of them can handle alone, we can probably expect more powerful villains. Darkseid might even prove enough of a threat to require the added assistance of Cyborg, Flash, and Aquaman, who all had a brief cameo in Batman v Superman.

Zack Snyder is not directing Justice League, though, since critics slammed him twice (the first time for Man of Steel), and he’s handing the reins to Ben Affleck. After seeing BvS, he is now considered one of the best parts of the movie, silencing accusations that he can’t act.

With the future of DC’s expanded universe now in the hands of “Batfleck,” it’s unknown just what will happen. We can probably expect Justice League to reveal more about Darkseid though.

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