Sadffleck? Ben Affleck’s Dejected Reaction To ‘Batman V Superman’ Reviews Owns The Internet

Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill addressed the mixed reviews their newest project Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has received from critics and some fans in an interview with Yahoo! Movies‘ Tom Butler.

While Henry Cavill used words to answer the question, Ben Affleck deployed a melancholy look that spoke to an entirely different reaction to the Batman v Superman criticism, Cosmopolitan wrote on Friday.

Internet users immediately picked up on the sad look Ben Affleck seemingly had throughout the question. Now, the imagery of a distraught Ben Affleck are owning the Internet as users have added music and special effects to make the moment that more apparent.

Internet users became even more creative with their sound track choices. Borrowing words from a movie Ben Affleck starred in during the 1990’s, Robin Williams’ speech to Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting served as laugh-out-loud funny movie clip.

Batman v Superman has been panned by critics for several reasons. Questions have begun to emerge as to whether the film attempted to employ too many characters instead of a narrowed focus of the dynamic between Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill’s characters.

The actual video clip also includes Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder addressing the same question. Ben Affleck might have added more than was originally shown due to editing, but no clips have shown the full interview with the veteran actor.

While critics may not have been keen on Ben Affleck and company’s Batman v Superman, that hasn’t stopped fans from showing up in droves. The film was predicted to earn a pre-summer record of $170 million off their opening weekend, making the film a financial success if not a critical one, Deadline reported. The movie had a $250 million production budget, meaning Batman v Superman should turn a profit for the film company as USA Today reported.

Ben Affleck and Batman v Superman carried significance beyond a typical one-and-done film. This movie was meant to launch several others as numerous characters – and their actors – were being introduced to audiences this film. Already, Wonder Woman as played by Gal Gadot has been green-lighted for 2017, The Inquisitr previously reported. As many as 10 total films – as well as the Justice League franchise – was being based off the universe created by Batman v Superman.

The New York Post wrote that those plans could be in jeopardy if Batman v Superman underwhelms audiences and doesn’t meet the financial expectations set for the film. While production cost a quarter of a billion dollars, as much as three times that amount could have been shelled out for marketing purposes and other considerations. That means that the nearly billion-dollar bet placed on Batman v Superman‘s success could keep other movies from production, a move that could also sideline Ben Affleck portraying the caped crusader in a rumored solo movie.

Not all of the new characters will be seen in the movie released this weekend. Some characters will be reserved for the R-Rated version of the film coming out this summer, The Inquisitr also reported. The editing cuts for Batman v Superman’s supplemental superheroes were made to condense the movie’s length, which is still a robust 151 minutes.

The addition of Ben Affleck to Batman v Superman has been criticized from the onset. Some fan theories last year – especially from the comic book character’s fans that could not conceive Ben Affleck would play the iconic role – thought the Gone Girl actor may be playing comic book character Deathstroke. Those rumors have turned out to be false, however.

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