Kristen Doute At Peace With Tom Sandoval: ‘Ariana’s Just Not My Kind Of People’

Kristen Doute may have been the queen of drama for a long time on Vanderpump Rules, but it sounds like the therapy is working. Doute quickly lost it on previous seasons, and she was fired from SUR because of her behavior. In the process, she also lost her relationship with Tom Sandoval, who ended up dating Ariana Madix shortly after their relationship ended. But these days, Kristen appears to be much calmer, and it sounds like she’s ready to be civil with both Tom and Ariana.

According to a new Bravo report, Kristen Doute is now revealing that she’s actually just fine with Tom. Even though the two had some troubling issues in the past, it sounds like she has moved on and just wants him to be happy. Kristen admits that things are indeed a little awkward, but she can lie with that. While Doute and Tom may not be buddy-buddy and may never hang out, she has no bad feelings towards him.

“I don’t want to be friends with either of them,” Kristen told E! News, adding that she only has a problem with Ariana. “Ariana’s just not my kind of people. But with Tom, I don’t think it’s appropriate for Tom and I to be friends. I think there’s way too much history and too much damage has been done that I just don’t see how we could be friends.”

Of course, Sandoval didn’t want to invite Kristen Doute to a party where he and Ariana would be attending, and he has constantly fought to get some time with his friends without Doute being there. But for Kristen, she thinks that they can easily be amicable in the same room, and maybe it’s because she has found love herself.

“But it would be nice to be cordial. And cordial is not ignoring each other in a group setting,” Doute revealed, adding, “Cordial is being polite and warm and friendly. And Tom is able to be that way when Ariana’s not around.”

Scheana Shay was also present during the interview with E! News, and she couldn’t agree more with Kristen’s claims that she has completely changed. Shay has seen how Kristen has grown over the past couple of years, and she doesn’t mind being friends with this Vanderpump Rules star. In fact, she even put her own friendship with Ariana Madix on the line because she didn’t want to stop hanging out with Kristen.

“Kristen doesn’t speak about them and hasn’t for over a year now,” Scheana has revealed about Doute to E! News, adding, “But I feel like they say they’re at peace with her, but they’re not because they still get so worked up when her name’s brought up, and they’re still so angry.”

But just because Kristen Doute’s attitude has changed doesn’t mean she doesn’t make mistakes once in a while. While filming Vanderpump Rules, she made some mistakes with her ex-boyfriend James Kennedy. When Vanderpump Rules started airing, they were indeed dating, but he quickly cheated on her and started slamming her. And Kristen admitted that it was a huge mistake for them to hook up.

“It was a huge mistake,” Kristen Doute told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live with the other Vanderpump Rules girls in the studio with her.

But when Andy pointed out that James had just made her cry just moments before hooking up, she explained that she was emotional and was in the process of getting to know her current boyfriend, Brian Carter.

What do you think of Kristen Doute’s comments that she’s fine with Tom Sandoval?

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