‘Person Of Interest’ Season 5 Spoilers: Show’s ‘Final’ Season To Reveal Root And Sameen Relationship?

Person of Interest is set to return to CBS on May 3. This will be the show’s fifth and final season after airing 90 episodes in its first four seasons. In Season 4 finale, Person of Interest ended with The Machine, an artificial intelligence system that identified persons of interest based on threat/danger levels being destroyed by its archnemesis Samaritan, and completely taken out of the grid. And while The Machine creator Harold Finch appeared to repackage and save it before completely being annihilated, it remains to be seen how Mr. Finch and John Reese will be able to fight off the threats posed by Samaritan in the Series’ final season.

Person of Interest Season 5 will have 13 episodes, which is a pretty small number when compared to the first four seasons. This makes it clear that this will be the final season for the American Science-Fiction Crime Drama series. This season has been tipped to be one of the series’ finest, as Harold Finch played by Michael Emerson (Lost), John Reese played by Jim Cavaziel (The Passion of theChrist), and the rest of “Team Machine” seek to neutralize Samaritan probably without the help of The Machine. In addition, what has always seemed to be a probable scenario will be revealed in Person of Interest Season 5 as Root/Samantha Grooves played by Amy Acker (Alias) and Sameen Shaw played by Sarah Shahi (The L Word) are set to be involved in a love relationship in the show.

Root and Sameen have always had a special chemistry between them; although, it’s never really been brought to light in the show. When Sameen Shaw gets abducted by Decima Technologies, a shadow organization that is in possession of Samaritan, Root has always believed that she is somehow alive despite the rest of her team convincing her otherwise. Her emotional destruction and her mission to rescue Shaw is also indicative of their strong connection. In Person of Interest Season 5, it’s highly predicted that the Machine Team will try to stop Decima Technologies and their world domination goals in which they plan to use Samaritan. Harold Finch has always feared that Samaritan could eventually run out of control, even at the hands of Decima Technologies.

In Person of Interest Season 5, could it be possible to see a team-up of Decima Technologies and “The Machine Team” in a bid to stopping Samaritan? This is a huge possibility, considering the fact that the series is coming to an end. The other alternative to stopping Samaritan while in the hands of Decima Technologies would be to rebuild the Machine with specific enhancements to give it a fair chance of facing off against the rogue artificial intelligence system. However, rebuilding a highly advanced Machine could take longer. This means that the fifth season of Person of Interest could also be set several months after the last, in which case it could begin with a more advanced machine still sending social security numbers of people in danger or about to commit a crime.


Nonetheless, that would set Person of Interest on a new path, and given the fact that the series is ending, it looks highly unlikely. This means that in Person of Interest Season 5, Samaritan could be the main villain this time, and not Decima Technologies, or HR, or The Government, as has been the case in previous seasons. It would also make a lot of sense in Samaritan being the main villain so that its destruction can mark a fitting finale to the Person of Interest Season 5 and the series altogether. This would also leave doors open for another season should CBS choose to renew it. Lead actor in the Series Michael Emerson recently said that the series will leave openings for another season after Season 5. This is the point where a repackaging of The Machine could come into play a couple of years after its destruction by Samaritan thereby creating the perfect opportunity for Person of Interest Season 6 or a spin-off series.

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