April Fools’ Pranks: Five Relationship Pranks That Might Make You Happy — Or Mad

April Fools! Yes, today is the dreaded day of pranks. And, obviously, boyfriends and husbands feel that the prank day gives them passes to joke as they wish.

If there’s one thing that women don’t generally take lightly, it’s relationships. Regardless of it being April Fools’ Day, some pranks might take it too far and endanger the existence of particular relationships. While it’s one thing to make a light joke, it’s another thing to be made the fool concerning such a sensitive topic. However, as far as pranks are concerned, some individuals could care less about their companions’ emotions. The following example shows perfectly the dangers of being made an April Fool.

April Fools’ Prank: An Engagement to End Relationships


It’s possible that all women (and men) should be cautious of any proposal made on April Fools’ Day, right? It just seems suspicious from the start. As the photo’s caption states, “The man who did this must have [had] balls the size of watermelons.” Which one of the companions do you think was made the April Fool?

Fortunately, not every man takes this day lightly regarding all affairs. And while it’s smart to be cautious, some people can be trusted. For instance, instead of making April Fools’ Day one to remember in disgust, it’s a time for remembrance for Simone Mirielle, who is a writer and a blogger.


She noted that, on this April Fools’ Day, she and her fiancé have exactly one year left before their wedding day.

April Fools Prank: Jog Turns into Real Proposal


Yet, not everyone has the same heart as Simone’s fiancé. Some of these April Fools’ pranks have shown themselves to be quite cruel. As you know, kids have the tendency to be “mean” — not exactly realizing the totality of their actions. One Instagram user, Fandoms and Stuff, posted the following photo as a reminder to be more considerate of others’ emotions.

April Fools’ Prank: A 13-Year-Old Girl Gets Heartbroken

April Fools' Pranks - Five Relationship Pranks That Might Make You Happy — Or Mad
This is an example of a horrible April Fools’ prank. Please be more considerate. [Image via Instagram]

Likewise, the following post could complement the previous photo.


Yet, sometimes contrary to the aforementioned list, pregnancies aren’t April Fools’ pranks. While people have inconsiderate tendencies to fabricate such stories in order to get a laugh, people do encounter real pregnancy cases — such as Instagram users Jesse James Da Renegade and Noneya.

Jesse noted as follows.

“These past couple weeks wifey has been having stomach issues or what not… So tonight as I worked I got the pleasant surprise that I’m going to once again be a father #5Weeks and counting, I’m ecstatic… I couldn’t believe it thought it was an #AprilFoolsPrank but I was reassured by the RN at the E.R tonight that she’s pregnant.”

April Fools’ Prank: Wifey’s Pregnancy Is Not a Prank


And in keeping to the aforementioned list, while pretending to ask someone out is a cruel joke, some people like to prank social media followers with fake information. The following example is a perfect illustration of what you might see today.

April Fools’ Prank: In a Relationship with No One


Nevertheless, April Fools’ pranks are inevitable. According to Statistic Brain, approximately 89 million people participate in this day, and 21 percent of those people execute pranks on their significant others, says the source. Likewise, the source mentions that 175 injuries occur per year during April Fools’ Day.

So, all in all, this day is one on which people should generally use caution. The same statistical source mentioned that 56 percent of people who participate in April Fools’ pranks do so with mischievous intentions.

Fortunately, this day only comes once a year, right? Think about your past April Fools’ situations. Have you been the prankster or the victim? What are your thoughts on the “holiday”? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo by Angelo Merendino/Getty Images News]