WWE News: Update On Bayley’s Main Roster Debut, Plus A Heel Turn Coming At ‘WrestleMania’ With Total Diva?

WWE NXT Women’s Champion Bayley has been the subject of many call-up rumors dating back to late last year. Many assumed she would come up with the rest of the Four Horsewomen in Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte. Sadly, she had to hold the fort down in WWE NXT as the brand needed her to lead the women’s division there while the main roster really needed a breath of fresh air with the other three.

That didn’t mean WWE felt Bayley needed more development or thought she wasn’t ready. The thought was that she could help NXT and the other three could help the main roster, which they have done ever since WWE focused on the three of them and not the entire division at the same time. The theory among fans was that all four would be up on the main roster by WrestleMania 32, but that did not occur. However, it almost did.

According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon wanted to bring Bayley up to the main roster to pair up with the Total Divas team for WrestleMania. Instead, WWE added Eva Marie to the team, who is actually on the show. Apparently, Triple H was heavily against having Bayley debut with them as he felt Bayley belonged in the “wrestling” group of WWE Divas, which is very accurate.

4 Horsewomen

The Game sold Vince on Eva, which was really the best option at the end of the day. Interestingly, Vince and other management members felt Eva Marie would get a babyface reaction upon her return to the main roster. Keep in mind, WWE was in Brooklyn for WWE RAW. She obviously was booed heavily, and even team Total Divas looked to be unhappy seeing Eva make her way back. We feel you, ladies.

The fact that WWE expected face reactions for someone fans all over the world seem to hate is actually laughable. The fact that they expected it in Brooklyn of all places is just insane to say the least. If should come as no surprise that WWE is also considering a heel turn for Eva at WrestleMania, which would cost her team the win most likely. Vince is happy with Eva, but the turn is kind of smart at the end of the day, as everyone knows she already plays a heel on NXT weekly. Well, the million or so subscribers to the WWE Network know that at least.

Eva Marie brings far too much heat to be taken seriously as a babyface. At least NXT writers embraced that heat and turned her heel, which was smart by the team. So this apparent turn for Eva may shock casual fans, but the rest know she’s already a born heel to begin with.

Bayley Asuka

As for Bayley, there is still talk of her debuting soon. Word is that she very well could debut officially this Monday, which may force her to drop the NXT Women’s Title by proxy. Losing to Asuka is by no means a bad way to go down. Plus it makes Asuka look good, as she beats one of the better women’s champions NXT has had in Bayley.

There is talk of WWE rebranding the entire women’s division and dropping the term “WWE Diva” in the process. There is even talk of a new Women’s Title as well. Bayley very well could be introduced to the main roster around the same time this announcement happens, which is expected to be this coming Monday.

While nothing is ever concrete in WWE these days, it can be pretty much considered a fact that if Bayley drops the title at NXT Takeover: Dallas on Friday, she will be headed to the main roster. She could also debut with it, as Sasha Banks did, before dropping the title to Bayley back in the fall. It is truly all in what WWE wants to do, but adding another woman to the new look women’s division could be a good idea at the end of the day.

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