WWE News: WWE To Retire Diva’s Championship Belt In Favor Of New Women’s Championship

The WWE Diva’s Division was a joke for the better part of a decade. WWE would hire models who looked good and would then try to teach them how to wrestle. This seemed to cause a lot of issues as the wrestling was pretty bad, which turned fans off on the women of WWE. It also ruined the division that people such as Trish Stratus, Lita, Ivory, Molly Holly and others built up. WWE then decided to change things up.

Triple H took over talent relations and hired independent great Sara Del Rey as a trainer for the women. He then hired girls who had some independent experience but were still newer to the world of pro-wrestling. At one point, the girls were taught to “wrestle like Divas” and not focus on wrestling itself, which was something Sara took away very quickly into her run as a trainer. Now, Sara is cited as a terrific trainer, and is right under Matt Bloom as far as trainers with the company goes.

Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Bayley, and Sasha Banks were all taught by her, and all four are leading the revolution of great female wrestling in WWE. Stephanie McMahon has been behind women getting a chance to prove they belong, and when the boss’ daughter wants something, she usually gets it.

WWE Diva's Title
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While WWE has clearly started to get things right with the ladies, everyone has been behind the idea that we need a new Women’s Championship in WWE. Fans have stated this for years now, and now with a new crop of girls proving it’s the proper time, we’re in need of it.

The Diva’s Title was for the old regime of women in WWE, and something fresh needs to occur. Paige, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and many other women in WWE have been publicly stating that they want a new title. The pressure has been on WWE due to it, and it looks like they have finally agreed to give it to us. According to PWInsider, WWE has decided to make a new “Women’s” Title and will debut it on WWE RAW this upcoming Monday.

That means whoever wins at WrestleMania will end up being the last Diva’s Champion in WWE history. That appears to be Sasha Banks as of this writing, as she has been rumored to be the new champ. According to reports, the new title apparently looks a lot like the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, which is cool to hear. The main difference is that it is smaller and has a white leather strap. Of course more may be different as well, but if it looks like the current WWE World Title, that is a big deal.

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WWE wants to put the ladies on the same playing field as the men, and by giving them a title that looks a lot like the major men’s prize, that are backing the new regime of women in a big way. This is easily going to be huge for WWE media wise as they are now getting on the right track with the women. It does not appear that WWE will stop calling the girls WWE Divas, however. That term has been used for so long that retiring it now would sort of hurt the company, branding wise.

“Lady wrestler” is also an old school term. They could always call the girls Lady Superstars, which would then put them on another level with the men. Of course, things need to be taken one step at a time. The fact that a new WWE Women’s Title is being made is enough for anyone to get excited about, and it will start the new WWE season off on a major note. Fans are certainly getting what they asked for with this.

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