Megaupload CEO Says Police Beat Him During Home Raid

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is accusing New Zealand police of punching and kicking him as they invaded him mansion in search of documents that could assist the FBI regarding the sites alleged piracy and fraud practices.

Dotcom said he immediately fled to his safe room after hearing loud banging at his homes front door.

In court on Monday Dotcom said:

“And then they were all over me. I had a punch to the face, boots kicking me down to the floor.”

Dotcom then added:

“I was screaming and I was in pain … I told them there was no need for punching me or hurting me and please stop.”

The raid occurred at the request of U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents and resulted in the confiscation of computers, hard drives, luxury automobiles, and even art work.

Since the time of the raid, a judge ruled the seizure illegal and the court is now attempting to figure out what should happen with seized material.

Dotcom amassed a $175 million fortune thanks to the popularity of his file sharing service which was widely known to host copyrighted material. Lawyer’s for Kim Dotcom claim the site was simply a file storage area, despite documented proof that Megaupload employees shared copyrighted material over the popular file storage network and even bragged about the practice.

The courts hearing regarding seized material will take place on Thursday. The court will also hear from U.S. authorities regarding the extradition of Kim Dotcom to the United States where he would face internet piracy, money laundering, and breach of copyright charges.