Megan Brown’s Twitter: Man’s Test Of Woman’s Baseball Knowledge Fails

Megan Brown obviously loves baseball. Brown’s Twitter is filled with baseball stuff, and now one text conversation that Megan had with a guy is going viral, after Brown posted the photo of their baseball texting talk online. The fact that Megan’s Twitter handle is “That Girl on Deck” should’ve given clues to her baseball loyalty.

When the unnamed guy tried, in what Megan must’ve felt was a condescending manner, to ascertain if she was a “real” baseball fan, Brown had fun with responding to him.

“You say you like baseball. I’ve never met a girl who likes baseball.”


“Ok then name the NL East teams in the next 10 seconds — no Googling. Ready, go!”

“It was nice to have Met(s) and maybe it was Brave(s) of you to ask [this] question, but it’s somewhat insulting. I could Phill(ies) you in on the answer, but I’ll have to pass. It seems to be a National(s) problem with men trying to Expos(e) (bonus!) girls for not being ‘real sports fans’ instead of taking our word for it. But don’t worry – you know what they say — there’s other Marlins in the sea.”

That tweet has been liked nearly 10,000 times on Twitter, and retweeted nearly 5,000 times since it was posted on Tuesday, March 29.

Not only did the guy not answer her text, Megan hasn’t heard from him after that viral text. As of now, there’s been radio silence from his side of the texting conversation. Megan wondered if he was still trying to download his thoughts to come up with a reply.

A lot of women have shared a similar experience that Megan had — not just with men quizzing them about sports teams but in all professions. Brown said that’s not usually a good way for men to approach women about anything.

The Padres are either praying, or the Angels might come help him out, quipped Megan on the Right This Minute TV show when asked about the man who questioned Brown.

As seen in the top photo above, a female fan is one who looks at the New York Mets fan and their starting pitcher, Jacob deGrom, pictured in a program page. The fan’s photo was taken prior to an exhibition spring training baseball game.

The Mets were playing the Miami Marlins, on Tuesday, March 29, in Port St. Lucie, Florida. The Mets and the Marlins were just two of the baseball teams mentioned in Megan’s viral Twitter tweet.

Therefore, in her answer, Megan was able to find a creative way to answer the six National League East baseball teams, instead of just listing them. She incorporated the New York Mets, the Atlanta Braves, the Washington Nationals, the Philadelphia Phillies, the Miami Marlins, and the Montreal Expos into her answer. That texting conversation is going viral, with Megan retweeting her tweet.

Megan wrote that she met the guy on a dating app, and responses that she is receiving on Twitter show that folks feel Brown dodged a bullet anyway from getting to know the guy any further.

“Basically a three-headed insult between quizzing at all, the timer, and asking such an embarrassing question.”

“His quizzes must just be too hard for him to ever bother to really meet someone.”

Megan wrote that she feels as if the man hasn’t met a lot of women, since he wrote that he’s never met a girl that likes baseball.

“I bet!! wonder if that poor sexist bastard saw it blow up yet lol.”

“Ew i can only imagine. the block button is a beautiful thing.”

Megan wrote that she wished the guy had quizzed her on the National League West teams so she could’ve used “Dodgers(ed) a bullet” as a quip.

[Photo by AP Photo/Brynn Anderson]