Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard: ‘Closer’ Interview Reveals Number Of Surgeries, Insecurities, And Future ‘Botches’

Tiffany “New York” Pollard agreed to a new interview, where she would share surgical secrets and insecurity confessions with the public. And Tiffany did just that.

In an interview with Closer magazine, Tiffany Pollard tells all regarding her various surgeries of the past. From breast augmentation to nose jobs, rib surgery to butt injections, Pollard held nothing back in this exclusive interview with the magazine.

Tiffany Pollard’s interview didn’t start off as expected. Actually, the source mentioned that it didn’t know what to expect given Pollard’s “extrovert” ways. However, once Tiffany’s interview began, she was quite the opposite of her televised self: polite, cordial, and professional.

The source notes that Pollard began by thanking everyone who was involved with the interview process, from makeup artists to designers to the rest of the team. However, after a glass of feel-good juice, Tiffany Pollard was happy to conduct the interview in “true Tiffany style,” says Closer.

Tiffany then stripped down to her underwear for the photo shoot. Pollard mentioned that she had never done anything like that before, but she also noted that she felt empowered and “alive.”

Likewise, Tiffany Pollard stated, “I feel sexy, it’s very sensual and beautiful.”

Yet, as Pollard’s interview continued, she began to discuss certain insecurities about herself. Although Tiffany felt empowered, she also mentioned that she wasn’t exactly satisfied with her body. To the source, Tiffany Pollard states as follows.

“I do fluctuate in size and of course I have insecurities; my tummy is bigger than I’d like and right now I’m heavier, but I’ve been enjoying lots of treats since I left the CBB [Celebrity Big Brother] house. I like my curvy figure, though, and I embrace my shape whatever size I am.”

Yet, from where does her confidence come? Well, according to Tiffany Pollard, it’s from her boobs. Pollard noted that “large breasts exhort power,” and she thinks they suit her as well as her personality.

Tiffany told Closer that she’s had three surgeries on her breasts alone. When Pollard got her first breast augmentation, her size was a B cup, which was over nine years ago. That particular augmentation took Tiffany Pollard from B to 38DD.

However, Tiffany started having issues and needed to downgrade her size. That’s when the second surgery happened, which took her to 38D. Pollard stated that she had gone so large with her surgeries that sagging started to happen due to gravity. Yet, her third surgery fixed that issue, along with others. Pollard got an uplift, reshape, and a boost. Now, her size is 38GG. Nonetheless, Tiffany’s considering another reduction.

Yet, Pollards mentions, “I don’t regret my surgery — my breasts give me so much confidence.”

In addition to her breast surgeries, Tiffany Pollard also had work done on her nose. Apparently, Pollard had a deviated septum which needed repair. During the interview, Tiffany told the source that they took cartilage from her rib and connective tissue from her brain and placed them both in her nose. Regarding this procedure, Pollard stated as follows.

“The doctors advised me the tissue from my rib and head would be the strongest, so I trusted them. It was a nine-hour operation. I don’t think I’d go through it again, but I love my nose now.”

Nose surgeries like that, which Tiffany Pollard experienced, septoplasty, have very painful recovery periods. As Healthline mentions, generally, there’s a pain buffer when signals travel to the brain. However, since the pain is literally inches from the brain, that buffer is practically non-existent, which is probably why Tiffany said that she wouldn’t do it again. But, that’s just speculation.

In another section of the interview, Tiffany Pollard discussed her posterior. In a nutshell, Tiffany’s thinking about getting butt injections. Pollard thought about butt implants, but she doesn’t want the same issues as the Kardashians, she expressed. Although Tiffany Pollard admires the Kardashians’ body work, she notes that they look like their hiding couch cushions in their pants.

Nevertheless, Pollard has stated that she’s glad to be single, and she’s definitely ready to mingle. From the looks of things, Tiffany “New York” Pollard has been speed dating other celebrities as well. Headlines read, “Tiffany is a cougar!”

According to New! Magazine, in the aforementioned tweet, Tiffany Pollard had dinner in a restaurant with three guys at once.

The source states, “What do you get if you take one feisty female celeb, put her in a restaurant with three hunky male stars and get her to speed date them over endless cocktails? Absolute carnage, that’s what!”

The three celebrity males were Joss Mooney, Rogan O’Connor, and Ricky Rayment.

The news source mentioned that Tiffany Pollard admitted to needing a man with a high sex drive.

Pollard is recorded as saying, “I just want to sleep with every man in the world…if he’s rich, that can’t hurt!”

During her three dates, Tiffany didn’t seem to hold back. New! Magazine mentioned that Ricky was heavily tonguing Ms. Pollard. As well, Tiffany had Joss sucking Tequila from her mouth. Not simultaneously, of course, but during the same date, yes.

What are your thoughts about Tiffany Pollard’s interview? Do you think she will get her own show again? Will Tiffany end up with the man of her dreams? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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