Leah Remini Show 'It's All Relative' Cancelled, Not Returning For Season 3

Effie Orfanides

Leah Remini has announced that her show, It's All Relative, has been cancelled. The actress posted the news on social media on Tuesday, letting fans know that she and her family will not be back for Season 3.

"On behalf of my family @georgemarshere @vikkimars50 @therealangelopagan @shannonfarrara @williamkilmartin @trish_the_nanny we want to thank you for welcoming us into your homes. It really meant the world to me that you embraced me,my family,my friends in the way that you did. We will not be returning for season 3; it just didn't work out; we had 2 great seasons though. You never know, we might be back in some way, somewhere else... But for now, we will be sure to annoy you on social media. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts -we will miss live tweeting with you every week. Thank you to discovery channels and our great crew! #grateful"

Over the last two seasons of It's All Relative, fans have laughed and cried with Remini as they got to know her and her loved ones. Each week, thousands of fans welcomed Leah and her family (including her husband, Angelo; her mom, Vikki; her sister, Shannon; and her daughter, Sofia) into their living rooms. While the show was highly entertaining, TLC has decided not to go forward with another season.

It is unclear why the network decided to stop the show's production, but it could have been due to ratings. While just about everyone loves Leah, some people didn't even know that she had her own show. Fans are hoping, however, that another network will give this family a chance.

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Fans hope that there is something big in store for Leah -- and her family -- and that they find a way to stay in touch with fans now that the show is over.

Did you watch It's All Relative? Are you sad to hear that the show has been cancelled?

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