Terrell Owens To Catch Passes With Seattle Seahawks

It’s been a few years since Terrell Owens played in the NFL, but the former wide receiver could find a new home for the 2012 season with the Seattle Seahawks.

NFL.com reports that Owens will have a tryout with the team today.

Owens has been searching for a new home this off-season but hasn’t drawn as much interest as expected. The wide receiver recently recovered from a torn anterior cruciate ligament and says that he is ready to put the pads back on.

Coach Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks are in need of a new receiver after cutting Antonio Bryant on Sunday. The team does have Braylon Edwards and maybe, after T.O.’s tryout, they’ll have another weapon for quarterback Tarvaris Jackson.

Do you think Owens will find a spot in the NFL?

The former superstar, now 38, spent a few months with the Indoor Football League team the Allen Wranglers. Owens was cut from the team, however, after failing to show up to a few obligatory events.

Things haven’t been going well for Owens lately but he is one of the NFL’s best talents. According to the Washington Post, Owens has the second most receiving touchdowns in NFL history. During his last season in 2010, he caught 72 passes for 983 yards. But will Owens still be a threat in 2012?

Twitter doesn’t think so.