Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom’s Disneyland Date: Korlando Is Not Just A Rumor Anymore

This past weekend, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were spotted and photographed on a date at Southern California’s Disneyland, dispelling once and for all the notion that the relationship between the two is platonic.

And according to a source that opened up to E!, the outing was a magical bonding experience for both of them.

“Orlando and Katy were very hands-on with each other during their trip to Disney. They were like little kids. It seemed like they were married the way they were acting with each other. They were holding hands and Orlando sneaked a kiss on one ride. They looked happy and in love.”

Of course, since Orlando and Katy are two of the biggest faces in pop culture, fellow park-goers did not take much time to realize they were in the midst of 21st century royalty and subsequently keep Twitter users apprised of the couple’s actions.

Others even snagged photos of the duo to upload.

The article also notes that Katy Perry and her beau Orlando did not care to pump the brakes when it came to PDA (public displays of affection, for those not in the know). Admittedly, though, Katy and Orlando have been said to engage in a lot of similar shenanigans in the past.

“Orlando and Katy always making out in public like they’re teenagers and have nowhere else to go,” said another source recently.

Still not convinced the Bloom and Perry romance is anything more than a rumor? Check out the Tweeted photo below from the couple’s recent getaway to Malibu Beach.

An eyewitness at the time of the Malibu capture said Bloom and Perry “they looked very loved up and were paying more attention to each other than the view,” and added that Katy and Orlando’s makeout session lasted for “a couple of minutes.”

There have been rumors floating around for a while now that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are dating, but they have been just that: rumors. Perry and Bloom did not throw discretion to the wind and start displaying their status as a couple in public until very recently.

Sure, there was the time they were seen dancing with one another at January’s Golden Globes, and when they were spotted driving around together with Orlando’s son from his previous marriage, or when they were seen attending Robert Downey, Jr.’s son’s birthday party together.

The Irish Independent even claims Bloom has talked about meeting Katy Perry’s parents, and lots of fans, according to The Daily Mail, have speculated that the two may be thinking about marriage.

But again, the proof is in the pudding, and now that we have clear photographic documentation of said pudding, we can count “Katy Perry+Orlando Bloom” as one of popular culture’s biggest power couples.

Although the two are separated by almost a decade in age — Katy Perry is 31 and Orlando is 39 — most headlines (like this one from E!) agree that they are “quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s cutest couples.”

Does that mean it’s time to devise a name for the couple of Katie Perry and Orlando Bloom, a la “Jelena” for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez or “Kimye” for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? I’m a fan of “Korlando,” but if you have another idea, we’d like to see it in the comments section below.

[Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Coach]