Watch Donald Trump's Janesville, Wisconsin Rally Online: Live Streaming Video, Full Replay Of Tuesday's Town Hall

Viewers can watch Donald Trump's rally from Janesville, Wisconsin, live online and see if the real estate magnate can make a splash on his first visit to the Badger State.

Trump is scheduled to hold a town hall event in Janesville, with coverage starting at 4 p.m. ET. It will be an important visit for Donald Trump, as Wisconsin appears to be a battleground where Ted Cruz may give him a very close race.

Full livestreaming video of the Donald Trump rally from Janesville, Wisconsin, can be seen below.

Those who watch Donald Trump's Janesville rally live online may see what could be a turning point in the Republican presidential race. Ted Cruz has already been making investments in Wisconsin and has a series of key endorsements, and The Associated Press noted that a Cruz victory could narrow Trump's path to the nomination.

Cruz also believes that a win in the Wisconsin primary could help fuel his campaign.

"The results in Wisconsin will impact significantly the primaries to come," Cruz told The Associated Press after a rally in Wisconsin last week. "Wisconsin, I believe, will play a critical role continuing to unify Republicans behind our campaign. The only way to beat Donald Trump is with unity."

If Cruz wins --- and polling suggests that he certainly could --- then it may bring doubt to upcoming races in New Jersey, Delaware, Montana, and others where Trump was initially expected to win.

Wisconsin would certainly be the state to change the momentum. Polling shows that 45 percent of Wisconsin Republicans have an unfavorable view of Trump, and Trump has also chosen not to run any advertisements in the Badger state. Meanwhile, Cruz has spent $500,000 on advertising and an anti-Trump PAC is spending another $340,000.

Trump's swing into Wisconsin got off to a rough start on Monday, when he was grilled during an interview with the influential radio host Charlie Sykes, a vocal Trump critic. In the 10-minute interview, Sykes called out Trump on a number of topics, saying Trump sounded more like a "12-year-old bully on the playground" than a man aspiring for the highest office in the United States.

In the interview, Sykes grilled Donald Trump for his recent spat with Ted Cruz after a PAC ran an ad trying to shame Trump's wife Melania for her modeling work. Trump blamed the ad on Cruz, even though it came from an unaffiliated group and Cruz denounced it immediately.

When the ad came out last week, Trump blamed Cruz and then re-tweeted a photoshopped picture of Melania and Ted Cruz's wife side-by-side, which was widely seen as an insult to Heidi Cruz's looks. In Monday's interview, Sykes tried many times to get Trump to apologize for his actions against Heidi Cruz and to declare that families are off-limits, but Trump insisted that Ted Cruz apologize first.

Later, Sykes offered Trump some advice.

"If you stand up there and you say, 'Folks let me just say this: I'm running for president, Ted Cruz is running for president, let's leave our wives out of it. Both of us have married intelligent, beautiful women and from now on we are not going to be talking about one another's wives,' people in Wisconsin will love that, Mr. Trump," he said (via the New York Times).

Many commented that the interview showed the combative Trump as unable to handle tough questions, and could be a sign of what is to come for Trump as opposition within conservative circles continues to grow.

Those who miss live streaming video of Donald Trump's rally in Janesville, Wisconsin, will be able to watch the full replay in the embedded video above.

[Picture by Ralph Freso/Getty Images]