Michigan Teen Roksana Sikorski Will Spend Up To 20 Years In Prison For Plot To Kill Family

Michigan teen Roksana Sikorski, 17, will spend the next 10 to 20 years in prison for slashing her brother's neck and plotting to kill her entire family. Pleading for mercy, the girl's parents contend their daughter was manipulated by her adult boyfriend, Michael Rivera.

"She's in desperate need of continued psychological help," her mother told the court Monday before sentencing. "She is still fragile, and an adult prison would shatter her delicate world. How will sentencing her as an adult help her?"

In October 2014, then-15-year-old Sikorski and Rivera planned to kill her whole family inside their home. After creeping into her younger brothers' room, the murderous teen covered his mouth and slit his throat. The boy survived, and Roksana was arrested shortly after the incident.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Sikorski pleaded guilty to one count of assault with intent to murder. She took the plea deal to avoid being charged with six other felony counts.

Convicted of seven felonies, Rivera is currently serving a life sentence for crimes related to the incident. Through his attorney Wright Blake, the 24-year-old boyfriend claims he is innocent of any wrongdoing.

Before the murder plot convictions, Rivera pleaded guilty to a separate crime involving Sikorski. He was charged and convicted of criminal sexual misconduct for having sex with the underage teen. He was sentenced to a minimum of two years and a maximum of 15 years in prison for the offense.

It was nearly 11 weeks after the sexual encounter before police arrested Rivera. Sikorski's parents are convinced the couple would not have plotted the murder if police had acted quicker.

"Where were the police, where was (Wayne County Prosecutor) Kym Worthy's office when Rivera was running around my neighborhood for three months?" Roksana's father said after the sentencing. "This wouldn't have happened if they had picked him up earlier. It was their incompetence that caused all this."

According to court documents from Sikorski's trial, the girl had been receiving text messages from Rivera with instructions on how to kill all four family members. One message included an anatomical picture indicating precisely where the neck artery is.

"Babe I can't do it :( I need ur help," read one text from Sikorski. "I feel like dad is waking. He's moving but snoring. Babe..?"

"Baby I'm here just cut the throat quickly on both of them," responded Rivera.

Throughout the trial, Sikorski's parents contested that she had been negatively influenced by Rivera. They fought the Wayne County Prosecutor's decision to charge their daughter an adult, saying she was a young girl open to suggestion.

Wayne County Circuit Judge James Callahan seemed to agree. He said that Sikorski was most likely manipulated by the boyfriend, as he had previously victimized her through "inappropriate sexual behavior."

"This is truly an unfortunate situation," the judge stated.

Based on the injuries received by her brother, Callahan speculates the teen may have had second thoughts while trying to kill him. He requested Roksana be held in a juvenile facility until she turns 18.

Sikorski's parent had hired attorney Leslie Posner to defend their daughter during the trial. However, the judge excused the attorney for a conflict of interest since the parents were identified as victims in the case.

After the sentence was handed down, Matthew Evans, Roksana's current attorney, recommended an appeal based on improper and ineffective counsel. Posner questioned if Evans really had the teen's best interests in mind by accepting the plea deal from the prosecutor. She has since offered to represent Roksana and file an appeal to have the guilty plea withdrawn.

On Monday, the Michigan teen apologized to her parents and wished she could have been a better daughter. She also swore to get better despite her dire circumstances. Laurene and Jeff Sikorski adopted Roksana and her two siblings from Poland more than 10 years ago.

If the murder plot would have succeeded, Roksana Sikorski and Michael Rivera were going to get married. However, the diabolical scheme hatched that night was interrupted by her brother's grisly screams.

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