Gabourey Sidibe Dead? Did 32-Year-Old 'Empire' Actress Die Of An Asthma Attack? [Breaking]

Paula Mooney

The news seems shocking when one reads the headline. "Empire Actress Gabourey Sidibe Suddenly Dies," claims the headline so popular that Trendolizer tracks it as one of the most trending articles at the moment. To think of Gabourey dying at only 32 years of age would be shocking, indeed, with Sidibe winning hearts as the abused young woman in the 2009 movie Precious, starring as Mo'Nique's much put-upon daughter. Gabourey won an Academy Award for Best Actress nomination for that role.

Thankfully, Gabourey is not dead, and Sidibe took to her Twitter account to announce that fact to the world. The Empire actress joked that maybe she was dead if folks believed articles like the poorly-written article that started the false rumor. It's a website that features lots of redirects in advertising, so it could be publishing stories for nefarious reasons like malware and the like. Either way Gabby's fans are relieved to learn that it's a false rumor about her death.

"I know that technically children are our future but I bet if we tried really hard, we can make cats our future!..."
"Empire actress died suddenly this afternoon from an apparent asthma attack. Gabourey Sidibe was introduced to the world for her role in the movie Precious and was also known for her role as Becky on the hit TV show Empire. Sidibe was on set for another upcoming movie where she plays as a detective [sic] her role required her to run and chase a suspect during the scene Sidibe began to motion with her hands that she couldn't breath and [then] instantly collapsed. On set paramedics rushed to her aid and attempted to revive her but was unsuccessful and Sidibe expired on the route to the hospital friends and family are devastated by this sudden loss."

Gabourey has undergone controversy before about her weight, with one love scene being criticized between Sidibe and another actor on Empire, strictly due to her weight. However, Gabourey has been known to wear her weight proudly, and not let anyone tell her she's not beautiful.

Reactions to the fake news of Sidibe's death on Twitter show people either sharing the fake article, or expressing their joy on Gabourey's Twitter page that they are happy she's not dead.

Gabby even has such a good sense of humor that she responded on Twitter to folks writing that they were upset Sidibe was dead and that they weren't invited to her funeral.

" and I was sitting here getting upset that you were dead and that I wasn't invited to your funeral.

"Y'all can come through. There will be a DJ and everyone has to do the whop!"

"Y'all can come through. There will be a DJ and everyone has to do the whop!"