Abducted Teen Escapes After Two Years In Captivity

A teen, who was abducted two years ago in Japan, escaped today after her captor forgot to lock the door to his apartment. Ana Saito went missing when she was just 15-years-old, kidnapped and held against her will for two years before she had the chance to escape. Her captor is allegedly 23-year-old Kabu Terauchi, who is currently being treated for self-inflicted injuries after he reportedly tried to kill himself when Ana Saito escaped his apartment.

The two-year-long ordeal began when Ana Saito was abducted, allegedly by suspect Kabu Terauchi, when he tricked her into following him back to his apartment. Terauchi reportedly told Saito that he was one of the lawyers working on her parents' divorce, and that she needed to get in his car and come with him to the office. Saito was allegedly snatched and forced into the car, and that's when Terauchi forced her into his apartment, where he kept her captive for the first few months.

Saito told police this morning that she was moved several times after being abducted, from one apartment to another. The Irish Times speculates that Ana Saito was moved from one location to another by being stuffed in a large trunk that authorities were seen removing from Kabu Terauchi's apartment today.

Ana Saito, after being abducted two years ago, was reported missing by her parents after a mysterious note was left on their mailbox – allegedly from Ana, which told them "not to look for her." Saito's parents immediately reported the note to police, and began looking for their 15-year-old daughter.

"I need a little break from home and from school. I'll be at my friend's house for now. Please do not come searching for me," the suspicious note read.

Kabu Terauchi was arrested after being discovered wandering around a forest covered in blood, according to the BBC, Kabu Terauchi suffered a self-inflicted injury to the neck which authorities have characterized as "serious but not life-threatening."

Ana Saito, the abducted teen who escaped Sunday morning, was picked up by police after she escaped Kabu Terauchi's flat and called police from a payphone. Prior to that, the abducted teen was closely guarded by Terauchi who reportedly "kept a close eye on her" and always locked the flat before he left in order to keep Saito from escaping.

"The man went outside, saying he would go to Akihabara. Usually the door was locked from the outside, but it wasn't today," Abducted teen Ana Saito told the Japan Times today.

Abducted teen Ana Saito's captor has yet to be charged by police, who are reportedly waiting until he recovers from his self-inflicted wounds. Kabu Terauchi was arrested around 3 a.m. after police responded to an emergency call. He was found standing in the road with a box cutter, reportedly covered in blood.

Ana Saito, the abducted teen, is currently being held in protective custody, but she has been reunited with her family. And Japanese authorities haven't released details of what she endured during her captivity, but according to the Japan Times, Saito is very happy to have escaped when she did.

"I'm really relieved, I want to spend time with my daughter so we can regain time we've lost," said Ana Saito's father in a statement to the Japan Times today.

Abducted teen Ana Saito reportedly called her mother from the Tokyo payphone after her escape, to let her know she was okay, she was still alive, and she had escaped. Saito's mother reportedly told her to phone police immediately. Saito's mother also called police, who responded quickly and picked Saito up before her captor had a chance to track her down.

[Photo by Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images]