Internal Apple Document Reveals iPad Mini Aspirations

Apple iPad Mini

The Apple-Samsung patent trial has revealed some juicy details about Apple’s plans for an iPad Mini. An internal Apple document revealed in court on Saturday that Apple’s tablet division has been eyeing a Amazon Kindle Fire competitor for some time now, keeping an eye on other products so they could develop their own form of the same device type.

The internal document revealed that Apple executives have been largely split on introducing a smaller version of the iPad, including Eddy Cue, head of Apple’s Internet software and services who sent the internal email to CEO Tim Cook, Scot Forstall and Phil Schiller

In his email Cue specifically noted that email, book, social and video use on the iPad Mini were worth a closer look. Cue also addressed a less than stellar mobile internet experience on smaller 7-inch tablets, although he also found that such a detractor should not be of much concern.

Cue concluded his email by noting:

“There will be a 7″ market and [Apple] should do one.”

The document was introduced by Samsung as the company argues in patent court that Apple takes its cues from already established competitor products. Apple has long contended that Samsung and other competitors take all their own design and software cues from the tech firm, a claim that most analysts have found laughable.

What might be most interesting about the document is that it shows Apple’s interest in iPad Mini based devices for the last two years.

Do you think the Apple Mini will take over the 7″ tablet market.